You Live and You Learn

Missy —  June 17, 2015 — Leave a comment

As another meet draws near, I am extremely excited and beyond blessed to be able to compete with the ladies that will be lifting with us this time. This is one meet that I hope will bring the biggest numbers I have personally been able to accomplish. When we work up to these meets, the one tiny thing that seems to plaque most of us is…what weight class will I be in?

For about every meet that I have completed to this point, I have made the weight class my priority. What I mean is that being in one particular weight class meant almost more to me than the numbers I would lift. Crazy, you say? You betcha! I have always wanted to compete in the same weight class, and then during training one night I asked myself….WHY?? What the hell does it matter? Will it make the weight I lift any less important?

Since I have gained more muscle (LOVE this), my weight has naturally gone up some and in order for me to drop weight I have to be very strict with diet choices (no fun). In reality, by trying to drop weight to get into that previous weight class it totally stresses me and my body out. At Nationals last October I got some horrific stomach bug the week prior, and although I certainly made weight, it really impacted how much I could lift. To say that I felt disappointed was an understatement. In my mind, I wondered if the added stress of trying to drop didn’t in turn cause me to catch this bug. Quite possibly.

Through all of this you live and you learn, not only about yourself but your body as well. I would have to say that in the time that I have been power lifting, I have definitely gained a lot of knowledge. A lot of this has been in how I see myself and what I want out of myself; particularly when it comes to competition. And what I want this time is to totally crush my previous numbers!!



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