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Emily —  September 12, 2013 — 4 Comments

While in the gym training, there always seems to be a confession by one or two of us about how in the previous few days there’d been some overindulgence: a special occasion, party or, heck, even a random weeknight where we went “off plan” and ate too much, drank too much or stayed up way too late. We always reassure one another that those splurges are completely OK. Jim always reminds us that the way we train and eat most of the time gives us the wiggle room to have those indulgent breaks from our normal, healthy, strong-girl lives … within reason.

But for the last 6 weeks or so, what I’ve done is not reasonable for me. Every free weekend my husband and I have had in the last couple of months, we’ve spent at the lake, which is where the majority of the beer-drinking, treat-eating, late nights occurred. On top of that, I spent 4 days in Sin City to celebrate my 30th birthday, where I made a conscious effort to eat every delectable temptation that came my way. Sandwiched in between all my summer-fun, travel-packed weekends were busy work weeks of playing catch-up: catching up on sleep, trying to drink water and eat my normal diet, and then getting ready to repeat my newly adapted, not-so-healthy habits in the upcoming weekend.

On the left, a typical meal for me.  On the right, VEGAS meal.

On the left, a typical meal for me. On the right, VEGAS meal.

So the repercussions, although not drastic, were definitely noticeable. I’ve gained a little weight, my skin has been breaking out, I’ve felt sluggish and been really bloated, and, sadly, I’ve lost some of my focus inside the gym. I didn’t feel the same motivation to be there as I normally do, and I didn’t feel as good after a workout. (On a side note, the bloated belly I’ve been sporting did help with bracing for squats and deadlifts, which was nice, but I’d rather feel good overall.)

But guess what? I’m completely fine with what’s happened. I didn’t ruin my healthy, strong-girl status. I didn’t compromise all of my hard work. I had tons of fun, and I just RELAXED about everything. I realize now that I needed that. Maybe not to the crap-eating extreme that I took things, but I needed the break from my normal type-A, follow-the-rules, regimented self and schedule. I didn’t fall off-course; I just took a small detour. It was good for my soul.

I’m now back to having a better balance. I’m eating my normal diet (which isn’t perfect but doesn’t include Bud Light and s’mores), and with summer winding down, our trips to the lake will be less frequent. I’m feeling better during workouts, and I’m ready to buckle down in the gym and continue to prepare for the upcoming meet.



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4 responses to Wiggle Room

  1. Wiggle room: making room for life. Thanks for your honest, Emily. And for getting back at it! 🙂

  2. It’s always nice to hear that we ALL have our moments of weakness. The difference is the attitude we have about what it means, and then getting back on track. You are an inspiration, showing that we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when we mess up.

    • Melanie-
      Thanks for the support. And you’re right…attitude can be everything! Keeping a positive outlook even in a poor situation will help you go forward.

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