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We are super excited to get started training for our next meet. Our workouts up until now have been more GPP (general physical preparedness) consisting of explosive exercises such as med ball throws, slams and lots of prowler work. You can read more about our typical “off season” training here. Now, at 12 weeks out, our training will shift to focusing on the big three lifts and their accessory work with slightly less conditioning. Here’s what our first week of meet training looked like:


Day 1- Squat

Standard foam roll, dynamic warm-up and extended warm-up

Warm up to 70% x2x6

Pause squats 60% 5 sec pause x5x5

Narrow stance squats 60% x8x3

*Palm-in dumbbell press done between sets x12x4

Heavy kettlebell (150#) RDL x8x4

Dead Bug x4

Moderate weight turkish get up x4

Heavy kettlebell swing x12x4


Day 2- Bench

Standard foam roll, dynamic warm-up and extended warm-up

Warm up to 80% x5x3

*Band shuffle between sets

One arm row x8x4

Band pull-over breathing

Shuffle push-up x12 x4 (think plank, shuffle two paces to the side and push up)

Kettlebell rope curls x12x4

Band pallof press x12x4

Band pull-aparts x20x4

Light prowler x4 practicing nose breathing

KB/ rope curls

KB/ rope curls


Day 3- Deadlift

Standard foam roll, dynamic warm-up, extended warm-up

Sumo girls did pin pulls- warm up up to 80% x3x5

Conventional girls did pulls with chains and bands x3x5

Weighted reverse lunges x10x4

Plank with arm tap (plank position, alternating tapping the opposite shoulder) x12x4

Back extensions x60

Side planks 20 secs x2

Side planks

Side planks


Day 4- Optional

Standard warm-up, extended warm-up x4

Med ball throws x10x6

Band pallof press x12x6

Moderate prowler pull/ push x6

*Some of us have added a day of hill sprints- 3-8 reps


That’s our first week. Please feel free to email us with any questions or demo requests themissfitslex@gmail.com

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