Under My Skin

Renae —  February 9, 2015 — Leave a comment

I joined this group of women because they are honest and supportive and each of them have made themselves vulnerable by writing these blogs about life’s triumphs and failures. Vulnerability is something I try to avoid at all costs, which has limited me throughout my life for fear of failure and ridicule. No more, I am about to talk about something that since losing weight has constantly bothered me…SKIN!!!!  On my arms, on my legs and on my stomach…UGHHHH!!!!


Saggy, Ugly extra skin

Saggy, Ugly extra skin

Honestly, I thought surgery was my only option, but to my surprise, strength training and lifting heavy HAS tightened some of it up!  Come on now…I’m a realist, and unless I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I am always gonna have a little extra skin! That’s ok!  I’m gonna wear it like a medal, the one I got for winning my battle with self worth! Deadlifts, my favorite, work my entire body.  Squats have helped tone my legs and butt (I still have a long way to go with this one). Accessory work has helped with the rest.  No one is perfect.  We all have things we don’t particularly like about ourselves but I am learning to be proud of who I am and what I have accomplished. I actually have  MUSCLES!!! Two years ago, you wouldn’t have caught me dead in a sleeveless shirt! Now, I can pull one off as long as I don’t raise my arms. (Insert chuckle here)


Under all the extra skin there is MUSCLE :)

Under all the extra skin there is MUSCLE 🙂


I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished so far and will continue to strive to be better, lift heavier, and enjoy my life because I deserve to be happy and healthy!  Everyone does! Don’t let yourself get discouraged just because something isn’t exactly what you thought it was gonna be.  YOU are pretty great just because you are YOU!!



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