Trust Falls to Cupcakes

Lizz —  October 28, 2014 — Leave a comment

I’m going to be honest, for the weeks leading up to the meet I had a lot of doubt about my ability to perform at Nationals.  I had some pride that I was wrestling with.  I stepped down from competing in Nationals last year due to some good old fashioned family drama, I did NOT want to miss the spandex onesie action this year.  But every time I had to go to the bathroom, my achey joints made turned the task into a “trust-fall” with the toilet seat.  Like I said, I had my doubts.

Training was difficult, but doable.  I had to scale back weights almost every week, knowing that my arthritis was hindering my ability to move at my full potential.  If you’re wondering what I’m talking about at this point, you can find my article on my recent struggles here.

But a funny thing happened the week before Nationals, my arthritis went away.  Not like 80% away, a full blown 100% better, no more bathroom trust falls, “I got this” better.  I was ready to grab this meet by the horns, high five my judge and dead-lift a whopping 314 lbs.

Hitting a new PR of 220# in the squat, my high of the meet!

Hitting a new PR of 220# in the squat, my high of the meet!

Here’s the deal.  My training was scaled to work with my arthritis, so I had to adjust my mentality going into this meet, knowing I felt great but the 8 weeks I put into training, I didn’t.  My lifts were going to reflect that.  A tiny part of my heart (okay all of my heart) wanted to PR each lift.  And I did PR in the squat, hitting 220 lbs.  Which was AWESOME! But I also had some discouragement matching my bench PR for a third time at 99 lbs, and only dead-lifting 299 lbs (compared to my PR of 304).

The truth is, there are so many factors that come and go in life.  I feel so proud to have been able to compete in Nationals this year, even though I was doubtful leading up to the meet.  I overcame the emotions that kept me from competing last year too.  While I was disappointed (I’m really competitive so this didn’t surprise me) in missing the opportunity to PR twice, I still ate my cupcake with a feeling of victory.

Whatever you’re tackling in life right now, eat your cupcake.  Even if you overcome a small hurdle or a giant mountain.  Eat that cupcake.



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