Toast That Marshmallow

Kim —  January 29, 2015 — Leave a comment

So, it’s late January and we’re back into the swing of things as far as a gym routine after the holidays.  The chatter among our team is often stories of family fun, family un-fun, vacations, Christmas presents, sugar plums, etc. but there is also another subject that tends to come up after the holidays…….”sadness”.'s electric

Holidays……it’s electric

Now I’m not talking about the red-rimmed eyes, tears running down your face, nose blowing, can’t catch your breath from crying sadness…….no I’m talking about something very different.  That puffy, fluffy, marshmallow-filling, spare tire feeling we all come back to the gym with after the holidays.

We talk about it, we call it “sadness”, we call it lots of things, especially when we go to put our belt on to do a heavy lift, but let’s get real about it!  It’s really no big deal at all, it’s not what it seems, the eye of the beholder and our own eye aren’t synced up.  Holidays like every other day are meant to be enjoyed, to be celebrated, and not to be restricted or prescribed.  Of course we aren’t going to be in our regular gym routine during the holiday season, but we are laughing, loving, and enjoying our life which is what our coach tells us to do all the time – and he’s right!   The name of this game is to live better and to feel better so that means living in every sense of the word and not just in the gym.  It’s exactly why we’re so dedicated in the gym in the first place………… look better and feel better and guess what – it works!

This “sadness”, this marshmallow-filling is our own internal critique.  I am guilty of all of the above, but when I step back and climb the mountain of perspective, I remember that we all look great!  We train together in a community of supportive people from all walks of life.  We all have different body types, different outcomes, different approaches, and different perspectives on “sadness” and a whole host of other things.   At the end of the day we are a strong group of women just like all of you! 

Speaks for itself.

Speaks for itself.

How do we turn that frown upside down, how do we eliminate that perceived “sadness”?  Well, it starts with routine for many of us.   I know when I am in my gym-going routine, I always feel better, and if I feel better then I FEEL like I look better.  Then when I go to put that belt on for a heavy lift IT feels better too! keep calm

This life is lived one time, the “sadness” we think we have is not real, and the triumphs and joys we have are very real!  Look in the mirror and see the things you wanted to change and did, take note of the tricks our minds play on our reality, and be agile in your perspective.  Doing those things will toast that marshmallow and turn that frown upside down!

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