The Long Haul

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When training for a powerlifting meet, the team trains three times each week. A day for each of the big lifts: squat, bench and deadlift. Adding a fourth day for mobility and/or stability work as well as conditioning is optional. For those of us who enjoy training, this schedule is easy to manage.  In fact, I look forward to it and the camaraderie of our team makes even the toughest workouts enjoyable.

We train hard AND make time for silly photo ops.

We train hard AND make time for silly photo opts.

Last month I wrote about starting a new job at the University of Central Florida. I have dual residency in Kentucky and Florida, but I reside primarily in Kentucky. The new job adds an extra layer to my already unconventional lifestyle, but I’m determined to continue training as usual. To quote myself, “It’s that important to me.”  I must admit that it didn’t take long to get a big dose of reality.

I had spent the entire weekend out of town with my son at his soccer tournament. We arrived home Sunday evening and I was leaving town for work Monday evening. I was going to be out of town all week which meant only one day with Coach. Normally, I wouldn’t panic because I would just hit the gym in Florida but I knew it was going to be a tough work week. My husband and I were also happily hosting his family who were visiting from Michigan. In short, priorities were shifted and training fell down the list.

The good news is that I saw it coming and Jim adjusted my workout for the day I was scheduled to leave. Maybe most importantly, he assured me that it wasn’t a big deal. One week would not set me back. We ended up combining my squat and bench workouts and I left that day thinking I just might need the rest of the week to recover. It was a good one. And, I was pretty excited about a squat rep PR.

Monday, August 18: Squat & Bench

Foam rolling & dynamic warm-up

Extended warm-up including glute-ham, inverted row & carries

Squat: 45×5, 75×5, 105×5, 135×5, 165×5, 195×3, 225×3, 235 for 5 quick singles (rack, step back, set up, go again), 200×10 (rep PR!)

Bench: 45×5, 65×5, 75×5, 85×5, 95×5, 105×3, 105×3, 90×10

Accessory work: heavy step ups, one arm row, fall outs and swings

I arrived back in Lexington late Friday evening but three soccer games on Saturday prevented a full training session. I was; however, able to get in the gym long enough to move around a bit. It felt great to do my warm-up, extended warm-up, and push the prowler. I’m feeling ready to get back to it this week.

Looking ahead at my schedule, I’m pretty certain there will be more missed training days between now and Nationals. And, while I can’t promise that I won’t be cranky about it because of my competitive nature, I do realize that it’s important to keep it all in perspective. My success is not determined by what happens at the next meet or even the one after that. I’m in this for the long haul.

let's go

Last year at Nationals.






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