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Lizz —  September 1, 2015 — Leave a comment

Do you ever look back on your fitness journey and realize it’s been much greater than you realize sometimes? The other day I was thinking about 7th grade track and field.  7th grade! I was a 400m runner (aka I was crazy) and that’s about all I knew how to do.  Run when the gun goes off, stop when you cross the finish line.  As I entered high school and ventured into the side of pole vaulting, weights were introduced.  I was strong, but had no form or awareness of what my body needed.  Like so many young high school athletes, I went balls to the wall for four years, which resulted in a major injury and surgery.  Nutrition wasn’t on my radar at this point.  “Healthy lifestyle” wasn’t in my vocabulary.  I thought I’d have my 18yo body forever! Hah.  So funny looking back on that thought right?


Looking back on college, my gym attendance was sporadic, my drinking and awful eating was at an all time high as was my weight.  I remember before I met Jim Laird, my diet consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches, gummy snacks, beer, pizza, quesadillas.  Like, those may be great treats, but that was ALL I was eating.  

It’s encouraging for me to look back on my journey to this point.  I look at the person I was almost 10 years ago, athletic and naive.  And I look at myself today, strong and learning.  Having a group of women as encouragement has been so vital.  We say this in every post, surround yourself with GOOD training partners.  My Miss Fits are the best.  They remind me each and every day that imperfection is okay, strength is beautiful and life is messy.  

Living in Hawaii I’m realizing my journey living a healthy life is constant.  I haven’t “arrived” anywhere.  I’ve learned proper nutrition, I can do a pretty darn good looking deadlift and I can learn new things easier because of it.  Can I just encourage you readers to reDSC_0439flect today? Where were you with your fitness ten years ago? Were you training for a marathon as your body was SCREAMING at you to listen to the warning signs? Were you discouraged and on the brink of giving up with fitness? Were you well into this awesome journey and look back and see a beautiful foundation that was being built?  It’s exciting, I want to hear about it.  



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