The “C” Word

Emily —  January 27, 2014 — 8 Comments

Cellulite. Ugh. I HATE cellulite. For me, it’s been the cause of the constant negative thoughts I’ve had about my body for more than a decade.

I’m 5’8″, 136 lbs and 30 years old. I’ve had cellulite since I was 14. I’ve had it when I was 10 lbs lighter, when I was 10 lbs heavier, when I ate crap, when I ate squeaky clean, when I was sedentary and when I worked out like crazy. I have it now and probably always will. AND IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. It also makes me feel insecure, embarrassed, sad and even anxious at times. I know you’re thinking, “Seriously girl? Get a grip. Dimply thighs are nothing to lose sleep over.” I’ve told myself this a thousand times, but for some reason, I can’t let it go.

My body is imperfect and so is everyone else’s. I know that. But I can’t help but wish for all of my cellulite to disappear. I tell myself that I would be completely happy with the way I’d look if it were gone. But deep down, I know that’s not true. Because, when it really comes down to it, it’s not the cellulite that’s the problem; it’s me. It’s my mentality about myself and my looks and the amount of importance I’ve placed on something that absolutely doesn’t matter.

So I don’t need liposuction; I need an attitude adjustment. I need to realize that NO ONE cares as much about my imperfections as I do. I need to remember that there are much bigger things to be concerned with than my looks. And I need to be grateful for being given the absolutely amazing gift of having a body that is strong, healthy and can do some badass things in the weight room. So if the biggest thing that I have to complain about at the end of the day is some damn cellulite, I need to consider myself extremely lucky.









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8 responses to The “C” Word

  1. So true! Perspective is everything! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Emily,
    Exactly!! Totally agree… We all need to focus on the things that are great in our life! But it’s so easy to get crazy over something we truly hate about ourselves…

    • Emily thank you so very much for sharing – it was like I was speaking out loud. Cellulite is something that gets me down about the way I look EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s something that constricts my wardrobe choices, my choice of work out gear, stops me from going to the beach even bending down because it shows up on my calves!! Sometimes I think I would trade in world peace for no cellulite that’s how much I hate it – how messed up is that!! It’s really nice to know that I’m not alone in feeling this way about my body. Like u say we need to concentrate on what it can do rather than just what it looks like but it’s a hard story to sell sometimes. Thanks so much for saying it out loud – it means a whole lot coming from a woman who is part of a team that I think are pretty awesome.

      • Emily

        Heather, you’re so welcome and thank you for your honesty. I’m glad it helped…and I knew I wasn’t alone. I smiled about your world peace comment…I’ve said something similar on several occasions. 🙂 It’s a constant battle to not let body insecurities get you down, but life’s too short to just not try to enjoy it every minute, right??

    • Emily

      Linda, you’re so right. The small stuff can seem overwhelming sometimes. I am trying to stop myself every time I want to say “I hate” and make myself say “I love” about something else. But it’s a challenge. 🙂

  3. It’s to bad that you think everybody is looking at your cellulite and judging you for it. Do you think we will like you less for having some? They dont at all. I am sure everybody looks at you and only notices a strong and super healthy women. Truly that’s what you notice in other women to! You will get to inner peace, your part way there!

  4. Emily

    Janessa- Thanks for the encouragement! Acceptance is important and I will continue to work on it.

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