Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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MissFit’s teammate and guest blogger, Angie Smith, shares her story of joining Team GYM Laird.

All my younger life, I participated in team sports. In recent years I have longed again for that team camaraderie.

I have always been a fan of fitness. Sometimes it is “Fitness whole pizza in my mouth” as I point out in my tank top, but in all honesty I enjoy the mental and physical challenge of exercise and feeling strong in both mind and body. With two young kids, I want to keep up a lifestyle and be a role model for them. My daughter Taylor already makes me do burpee challenges and exercise stations in the living room. I want to always be able to take her up on those challenges, win or lose. On an off- baseball weekend, I want to take both kids on a hike and be able to get to the top of the mountain.

Angie Gym Laird

I enjoy working out with people that will challenge me to push myself and encourage me to be the best I can be. I was a competitive swimmer most of my life and have always enjoyed team athletics. I get nostalgic when I remember my old swimming days of coming up with new deck cheers, road trips, high fives and friendship.

I recently lost my gym partner of six years and turned 40 (oh my!) all in a matter of weeks. I was struggling with it and needed to fill a major void in my life. I had been following the Miss Fits for a long time and had talked about being part of a group such as this. My husband gave me the extra push I needed when I told him that I thought I may have found the answer. I was ready to make some new goals, meet some new peeps and be part of a TEAM. Not just any team. The GYM Laird team.

I knew I was headed in the right direction on day one when I walked into the door and the sign said “Leave negativity here”. I smiled and walked right in.


Sled drags with teammate, Becca.

After only a few weeks of working out with Jim combined with the encouragement I was getting from the other women, I had the confidence to enter in my first powerlifting meet, and I will be on that competition platform in just a few days. I was hesitant at first and feared failure being so new, but one of my teammates reminded me that the only person that I was competing with was myself. Keeping that in mind, I know I can’t lose. I can only do my best, be a good teammate and get stronger from here. I am totally pumped to do my lifts, see all of my teammate’s accomplishments and have that celebratory cupcake after the meet!

I love Jim’s outlook and positivity. I like the fact that he isn’t just a coach, but a friend. I like that he pushes me when I need it and makes me stop, breathe, chill and enjoy life more than I was previously. I am working out half the time and my body feels so much better. I love the encouragement and expertise from the other coaches, Lucy and Emily, as well as their smiles when I see them.

I am very lucky to have found this diverse, unique, one of a kind, fun, totally awesome TEAM. Life is a dream and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

PS- I wrote this before trying on my onesie….whose idea was this?

I found the camaraderie that I longed for at GYM Laird.

I found the camaraderie that I longed for at GYM Laird.



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