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Team GYM Laird is gearing up to compete again soon and The Miss Fits are proud to have helped so many women get excited about lifting heavy. It’s especially cool when they get the bug to compete and join Team GYM Laird. Over the last few months we have spotlighted several of our teammates: Brittany, Betsy, Kelli, Susan, and if you missed any of their stories, please take a minute to look back because each and everyone one of these ladies is impressive. I’m sure you will agree.

Our powerlifting team continues to grow so we have another amazing woman to spotlight this week! Please help us to welcome Rebecca to the team. Below is her bio in her own words.

Rebecca Vice Bowers

Age: 36

Occupation: Speech Language Pathologist, Area Manager Arbonne International

Weight Training Since: I started lifting and participating in group training classes at GYM Laird late fall of 2011; I joined Team GYM Laird the beginning of February 2015.

Favorite Inspirational Quote: I keep several highlighted in books and bookmarked on my computer, but this one I love and identify with the most:   “Being stubborn is also determination.  It’s simply a matter of shifting from “won’t power” to “will power.” -Peter McWilliams

Favorite Lift: My favorite lift is the Sumo Deadlift! I love it and look forward to our Thursday workouts because that is when we deadlift! But, I will say, squat day is becoming a close second.



Favorite workout song: For me personally, I like Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Avicii, David Guetta and Pitbull. I love music and I love how a variety of styles of music motivate me! I’ve learned working out with Jim that I am not the only one that enjoys a diverse mix of tunes; his compilation mix of heavy metal, 90s hits and the occasional Johnny Cash tune thrown in makes for an interesting playlist.

Favorite post-workout snack/meal: I have several. My favorite snacks are organic tortilla chips with guacamole or a homemade chocolate protein bar; my favorite meal after a workout are grilled bison burgers and sweet potato fries.

How I got into lifting: I’ve always been involved with athletic sports and activities. In high school, I ran track and cross country a couple of years and cheered each year of high school. When I got to college, I didn’t have an organized sport to participate in, so I joined a gym. I didn’t feel that comfortable in a gym at the time, so I gravitated to what was easiest to do at that time and that was running on a treadmill. Over time that developed into running outside and before I knew it I was running 6 or 7 days out of the week. Although I did enjoy running, I was of the mindset that if I didn’t workout everyday I was going to gain major weight “overnight”. This mindset carried me into participating in a few 5Ks and eventually I joined my sister, brother-in-law and mom in training for the Derby ½ Marathon in Louisville, KY. This became something we did for several years consecutively, along with my husband and cousins. I enjoyed the comradery and the training process to prepare for the ½ marathons.However, after several years of basically just running every day week after week I became mentally and physically burnt out. I began to tinker around with lifting weights, spinning, swimming laps, group classes at the gym and hopping in and out of hot yoga classes but found myself frustrated, unmotivated and did not feel good about myself mentally or physically. In addition, it was becoming difficult for me to find the time to get in a workout each day with the responsibility of working full time and managing daily stresses of being an adult in the “real world”. When an acquaintance once said to me in passing “For someone that works out everyday you sure don’t look like it” my confidence was crushed and I really decided I needed a total change of pace. But God’s timing is perfect and my sister approached me a few days later, encouraging me to purchase a Groupon to work out with Jim Laird at his gym in his group workout classes. She insisted that it was a nice change of pace and that I should give it a try. I highly respect my sister’s opinion and knew that she and I shared a similar interest in fitness and of course she looked amazing. I bought the Groupon but in total honesty, I really went into the group training classes a total skeptic. I was fearful of becoming bulky and “gaining weight” and I was intimidated by the idea of lifting weights in this group class. In addition, when I heard Jim make statements such as “less is more, rest is important, only workout 2-3 days a week” my immediate thought was “hmmm yeah right”. But I couldn’t really argue what was in front of me; hearing my sister’s testimony and seeing her obvious results….that was the start of this journey. Here I am now, several years later, with a new outlook on fitness and health and with the opportunity to lift with a wonderfully encouraging and diverse group of women under the guidance of a great coach. I’m so thankful.

Why I love to lift: I love both its mental and physical benefits. Mentally, I feel motivated, focused, challenged and strong and this helps me build a consistent confidence that I can apply throughout all facets of my life. Physically, I’m happy with what it has done for my body composition. The mental and physical components have been a journey for me and they have really shifted in the positive direction since altering my diet, adjusting my lifestyle in certain ways and, of course, lifting heavy.

I have always heard, and the older I become I truly believe, you are influenced by the company you keep. Being surrounded and getting to know the group of women that make up the GYM Laird Powerlifting Team has been a wonderful experience. They are a group of diverse women who are positive, supportive and share enthusiasm for being healthy, eating healthy, lifting heavy and having grace with their body and themselves. Their attitude is truly contagious and I’m blessed to be a part of this group.

Rebecca and Randy



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