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Team GYM Laird is gearing up to compete again soon and The Miss Fits are proud to have helped so many women get excited about lifting heavy. It’s especially cool when they get the bug to compete and join Team GYM Laird. Over the last few months we have spotlighted several of our teammates: Brittany, Betsy, Kelli, Susan, and Rebecca and if you missed any of their stories, please take a minute to look back because each and everyone one of these ladies is impressive. I’m sure you will agree.

Our powerlifting team continues to grow so we have another amazing woman to spotlight this week! Please help us to welcome Heather to the team. Below is her bio in her own words.


Heather Perry

Age:  41

Occupation:  Wife, Mom, Homeschooler, Home Based Business owner

Training/Lifting since:  At GYM Laird since February, 2013; 1st time training for powerlifting meet (since February, 2015)

Favorite Lift:  I think my favorite changes from week to week.  Maybe I’m different like that…jury’s still out.  (Believe it or not, I do really like benching).

How you got into lifting:  So, I was a late 30 something mom of 4 kiddos, happy in my “workout routine” at the neighborhood YMCA.  My husband had been training with Jim for some time when he saw that they were offering a groupon for group strength classes.   He recommended I purchase the deal and give the gym a try. Well, after just the Saturday orientation, I was sold!  My first thought was, “Why have you been keeping this place from me all this time?”  I loved the holistic approach to health and thought it was time to get my “core” stronger, after all, after 4 babies, I felt like that was one area that could still use some help!


I have always been active. I am thankful for younger, active parents who helped lead the way.  A mom who taught aerobics growing up, and we all enjoyed sports of all kind.  I took a stab at about everything I could.  Loving the social aspect of everything, if there were people involved, I was there.   Basketball, volleyball, track, cheerleading, even a little golf and tennis.  I was never the “star” player on the team, but it was enough to keep my body moving and I was good with that.  In my 20’s, 30’s, and now 40’s I’ve done mostly group setting workouts.  I have belonged to gyms with “classes” to attend and have discovered I thrive best in a group setting, where I feel encouraged and accountable and it MUST be OUTSIDE of the house!

I have attended group strength classes at GYM Laird Strength & Conditioning for almost two years and love that I look forward to coming, to the community, to getting stronger, & learning how to better manage stress and overall be encouraged to healthy living, even OUTSIDE the gym.  I have a new found love for strength training and don’t think I will ever “exercise” any other way.  Back to the having attended group classes for about 2 years:  during this time, I’ve enjoyed the comraderie among members of GYM Laird and have developed an especially dear friend in Rebecca Bowers.  Back in January of this year, we were at a weekend conference together for our home businesses, when Becca casually mentioned her getting ready to train with the GYM Laird Powerlifting Team.  I looked at her with this curious, one eyebrow raised look and asked her to tell me more.  What I had not shared with her was that I had secretly been holding the thought that “some day”, maybe “when I get stronger”, “when I grow up”, “when”, “when”, I’d love to train like those girls and put my body to the test in a meet like they do.  Well, with my dear friend leading the way, I decided to jump right in and just do it!


I am learning at almost 42 that the days are long and life is short.  Too short to waste away hoping and wishing and “when”-ing  away.  I’m stepping into my fears and growing from that.  I want to show my kids and others that if dear old mom can do anything she puts her heart, body, mind and soul too, then by golly, SO CAN THEY! So, that’s my “how I got into lifting” in a nutshell.  I love it already and am hoping to continue as long the good Lord and my body allows.  I’d love to be that “white girl” version of little Willie Murray, “77-year-old grandma can lift more than you!” (*If you don’t know who I’m talking about, look her up. She’s awesome)!




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