Team GYM Laird: Meet Brittany

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There is a misconception that The Miss Fits are the only women who compete from our gym, or that we are synonymous with the GYM Laird powerlifting team. While it’s true, the first gym team was solely Miss Fits, our current team has grown to include five other amazing ladies. We always strive to encourage women to strength train and we’re beyond excited if they get the bug to compete. We’d like to introduce you to our teammates over the next few weeks, starting with Brittany.



Brittany has competed in two meets with team GYM Laird and her impressive PRs are as follows: Squat-204, Bench-132, Deadlift-270. She loves the bench (I have severe lift envy, not gonna lie) “because nothing feels quite like pushing some solid weight off your chest from a dead stop.” Brittany always greets you with a smile and she absolutely kicks butt in the gym. The following is her bio in her own words:

Age: 25

Occupation: Insurance Claims Adjuster

Weight training since:  April 2012

Favorite inspirational quote:”Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Favorite lift: Bench. I’m pretty certain I am the anomaly of the group.

Favorite workout song: I’m a huge Indie Pop junkie. I also appreciate a lot of 70’s Classic Rock. Sometimes I’m stuck with whatever music Jim is in the mood for… but it works out.

Favorite post-workout snack: Sweet potato fries and dark chocolate!

I am not a born athlete. I’ve played volleyball, soccer, and softball for one season each and disliked every minute of it. I’ve always struggled a bit with my weight and took up jogging throughout high school and college. On top of jogging, I would visit the recreation center and use weight machines and the elliptical for AT LEAST an hour. I entered several races and even ran my first half marathon in under two hours. I was down to about 125 lbs and still was not satisfied with the way I looked and felt. Exhausted, skinny, and flabby, aka “skinny fat.” My philosophy was to keep running 25+ miles per week and then SURELY I would see improvement. Many miles later, I found myself in an orthopedic doctor’s office on two separate occasions. Diagnosis? Stress fracture of the foot and femur. I was sidelined for a total of 6 months and boy, was I frustrated. I knew I had to consider a different modality of exercise. My husband and I later moved to Columbus, Ohio for a short stint where I met an athletic trainer who introduced me to periodized strength training. I started noticing changes in my physique immediately. In only a few short months, I learned the basics of powerlifting.

We eventually found ourselves in Lexington, KY, where I discovered Jim Laird and Lucy Hendricks. My workout was stripped down to the basics – I’m talking about crawling on the floor, breathing exercises, bodyweight movements. But – but – but – what about those sumo deadlifts and heavy squats I had been doing!? I was instructed that my form had to be corrected before I could load the bar. I was not a happy camper, but I accepted the process and was back to lifting heavy after a few months with Jim. The cool part? I was lifting pain-free! An even better part? My energy levels improved and my body composition was changing. I even gained 20 lbs, but I was in my best shape ever (which is why scales are moot in my house). Jim’s philosophy works and he is truly exceptional in his profession.

Why I love to lift:  It is one of the most empowering things I have ever done for myself. I love a good challenge. I can lift things in and out of the gym with more ease than before and without pain. I feel stronger and more confident in my abilities. I no longer have to slog miles on the pavement or spend hours per week in the gym. I only devote an hour 3-4 times per week to training, and I have more time to spend on family, friends, and other activities. I also get to hang out with a cool group of ladies who share my sentiments about lifting. Can’t get much better than that!


The Miss Fits are proud and honored to be on a team with Brittany!

Brit bench

Brit deadlift

Brit squat

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