Team GYM Laird: Meet Betsy

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There is a misconception that The Miss Fits are the only women who compete from our gym, or that we are synonymous with the GYM Laird powerlifting team. While it’s true, the first gym team was solely Miss Fits, our current team has grown to include several other amazing ladies. We always strive to encourage women to strength train and we’re beyond excited if they get the bug to compete. We’d like to introduce you to our teammates over the next few weeks and this time we are proud to highlight Betsy.

Betsy has competed in two meets with Team GYM Laird and her impressive PRs are as follows: Squat  204#, Bench 105#, and Deadlift 280#. Below is Betsy’s bio in her own words.



Betsy Keating

Age: 36

Occupation: Wife, mother, and pharmacist

Prior to powerlifting, my exercise routine consisted of 5 to 7 days a week of intense, hour long workouts. If I dared to skip a workout one day, I was riddled with guilt. I would not allow myself to rest and relax and I was having trouble sleeping through the night. I was becoming neurotic about exercise. Enter powerlifting. My training schedule for powerlifting is sustainable. I spend 2 to 3 days a week at the gym. The others days are guilt-free, doing movement that I want to do for fun. Sometimes l hike with my girlfriends, ride bikes with my son, scout rock climbing areas with my husband, or do my favorite “feel-good” cardio exercise video. Bottom-line, exercise is easier to fit into my busy schedule. Powerlifting makes me strong. Do I really need to explain? I LOVE the sense of accomplishment of hitting a new PR. I love the feel of testing the limits of my strength. The strength I build in the gym translates into strength for my daily activities, which includes moving a solid wood (i.e. HEAVY) chicken coop across a yard, picking up and transporting multiple bushels of winter squash (again, very heavy), and lifting and unloading totes of supplies at my workplace. I have what is needed to take care of most daily demands…sounds like the perfect cross-training program to me! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While, I don’t have a perfect body, I am now confident in my body. I am healthy and fit, with feminine curves and cushion. Powerlifting keeps me strong and fit without transforming my body into a masculine and hard, unnatural physique. I am healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. Powerlifting has helped me to embrace the body God gave me.





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