Tabata? Huh??

Emily —  February 21, 2014 — 6 Comments

At the end of most of our workouts, we will ask Jim for a “finisher”…that little bit extra to finish off the workout that makes us feel like we really got after it that day.  When lifting heavy, sometimes doing a finisher that gets your heart pumping and the sweat flowing is exactly what we crave.

Enter: the Tabata.  A Tabata is a 4-minute high intensity workout circuit.  It is broken up into eight 30-second blocks with each block having 20 seconds of movement and 10 seconds of recovery.  I know what you’re thinking…”4 minutes?  That’s nothing.  I can do anything for 4 minutes.”  We used to think the same thing.  But, if you pick the right movements and give 110% for each of the 8 blocks, I promise you’ll be smoked.  Especially if you just rocked out a great squat or deadlift session before you started.

Here are a few of the movements we implement into our Tabatas.  We usually will pick two and alternate the movements, so by the end, you’ve done 4 blocks of each:

  • Rope slam
  • Slow motion mountain climbers
  • Medicine ball slam
  • Goblet squats
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Weighted wall sits

It’s important to keep in mind that although this is an all-out effort for each of the 20 second blocks, being mindful of your form is key.  Keeping proper form ensures that you’re getting the most out of the Tabata and you don’t injure yourself as you tire.

So, give it a try and let us know what you think!!!



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6 responses to Tabata? Huh??

  1. I love me some tabatas, either as a stand alone WOD (maybe 4 exercises strung together for a total of 16 minutes) or as a finisher as you describe. For those who train alone, I highly recommend purchasing a Gym Boss or something similar to track interval times. So much intense sweaty fun!

  2. I threw in some kb swings today at the end of my lifts Tabata style. Felt GREAT!! I’ll be using these recommendations a couple days/week to end my lifts!

    also I have the Gym Boss like someone recommended and also an app for my Android phone called Tabata Timer. It worked great!

  3. Tabata is a great workout that you can do at home with little to no equipment. I used to struggle doing this new style of workout without guidance or someone to push me. But I found the ‘Tabata Coach’ album of coached workouts. AMAZING!! It’s all audio-based so I can put it on my iPod and use it anywhere, anytime:

    • Emily

      Mary, thanks for the great tip! It’s always good to have a resource for an at-home or on your own type workout. 🙂

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