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Age:  45

Occupation: Realtor, RE/MAX Creative Realty, Lexington, KY

Lifting Since: April 2012

Favorite Lift: It used to be deadlift but I now LOVE to squat. It is equally thrilling and terrifying to have heavy weight on your back!

Favorite Workout Song: When I’m at Gym Laird I am usually too busy chatting with my fellow Miss Fits to really even “hear” the music. But, when we are prepping for a meet and the weight gets heavy, I become more serious and introspective and a good song certainly helps get my head in the right place. Some of my favorites are “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled, “GDFR” by Flo Rida or my all-time favorite “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor. It gets me pumped up every time.

Favorite Motivational Quote:  “Trust the training. Trust your coach. Do the work. Create your own luck” was advice given to me by my brother when I was a few weeks out from a meet. It was great advice then and it continues to be something that helps when doubts start to creep in.

Favorite Post-Workout Snack: I am addicted to waffle cut sweet potato fries.

How I Got into lifting: I’ve always considered myself athletic. I played multiple sports in high school and even trained with the boys in the weight room. I continued to stay active throughout my twenties and then started running seriously in my early thirties. Since then, I’ve run several half marathons and one full (26.2 miles) marathon. While I love running, it was definitely not giving me the body I wanted (to look good naked). In fact, I was running more and gaining weight.

I started training with Jim Laird at GYM Laird Strength and Conditioning in January 2012, thinking I would continue to run while adding strength training to my weekly routine. I quickly learned that distance running and strength training are counter-productive so after running my last half marathon on March 31, I committed myself fully to Jim’s program. In fact, he pretty much insisted on it or he wouldn’t train me to lift heavy. So, I took the plunge and gave up the running. I’ve never regretted that decision.

Benefits of Lifting: I have finally found a fitness program that fits into my busy lifestyle because strength training allows me to exercise less.  As a working mom, finding the time to exercise can be a challenge. Even so, exercising less was a really hard concept for me to trust at first. I have always believed that more is better and if I’m not drenched in sweat then I didn’t work hard enough. However, in the last four years I have learned to “train smarter not harder” and that rest and recovery is just as important as the actual training session. So, instead of sneaking in a four mile run (yes, I would cheat on Jim from time to time) on my off day, I am now happy to do NOTHING but eat well, get extra rest and focus on my family.





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4 responses to Suzanne

  1. Watching your transformation over the last year was inspiration enough to get me into J&M and I also feel like I found a fitness home!! Hoping to look as good and be as strong as you someday!!

    • Suzanne

      Rachel, I am proud of you. I know how hard it is when you have a tiny person at home. I can’t wait till you join our team… You are going to love it!

  2. HI Suzanne I love your story,, I am at that place right now . I am a triathlete at 51 years old and am trying to train and eat well and am still not happy with my overweight body or my mind. I have done some Xfit and loved learning the lifts and doing them, but the only Xfit Gym in my area was just to far away,, My husband and I aquired custody of my grandson and then Xfit came to a halt that was a year ago . I have a new Xfit affiliated Gym opening up closer to me and I am ready to get back to the lifting and get away from all this running that does nothing for me . I heard JIm talking to Jason and Sarah yesterday on their Podcast.. God I wish he was a trainer in mY home town I would have been on his doorstep last night begging for his help . But just reading all your girls stories has certainly inspired me to get back to doing what my body loves,, and stop killing myself running hundreds of miles and as Jim says ” chasing that Grizzly”.. thanks for the Inspiration. I look forward to reading all your blogs and following your Stories,, you Ladies all amaze and Inspire the hell out of me,, thanks

    • Suzanne

      Tammy, thank you! Giving up running was not easy. I was addicted both physically and mentally but now I love lifting. And, it’s so much better for me. I hope my story will inspire other women like us to stop killing themselves. Thanks again for your support. My next blog post will include my before and after picture.

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