Stress Eating

Lizz —  May 5, 2015 — 1 Comment

I’m going to get a little real about something.  I’m planning a wedding and a move, and I’m stressed.  Plus, leaving a job that is only getting busier as I near my final day of work is adding to the stress-odometer.  I’ve noticed a few things flare up recently.

I’m torn by this desire to look awesome for my wedding as a result of tightening up my eating habits, and eating everything in sight because I’m stressed and stressed people want to eat all the cupcakes and cookies ever made.  Just me here?  No?

I’ve also noticed the little three letter analogy that I’ve struggled with since high school has flared up more than normal (IBS).  It’s not as bad as it was when my diet was filled with sugar and breads and giant glasses of milk, but it’s not ideal either.


I always pictured myself being this laid back, no stress bride.  But I’m starting to think that’s not an option, flowers are going to matter, people are going to criticize the way you do things always and life is going to keep happening to you.  Maybe it’s not a wedding, maybe it’s work or family.  Stress is a factor, and when it escalates, so do cravings, digestive issues, you may get a pimple or five.

I have been able to consistently work out, which has helped keep my sugar cravings at bay, but I have two other things that help me de-load my mind that I want to share with you.

1. Walking.  When I get stressed and start to crave anti-wedding dress junk food, I throw my ear buds in and go for a quick walk. My phone isn’t on, I’m not thinking about the wedding, I’m just walking and soaking in that precious vitamin D. Plus, it’s been a great way to maintain my body without feeling the need to overdo it in the gym.

2. I indulge.  I decided cutting out all bad foods meant when I ate bad foods, I ate ALL THE BAD FOODS.  At once.  It’s like, if I restrain from it all, I need to eat it all.  So I’ve put in my fridge a few of E’s favorites, Hail Merrys, some raspberries and whipped cream (great little treat) or some Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  I’m practicing will power, only indulging at night after dinner.  I’m a woman who loves her chocolate, any time of day and in any quantity.  I have to say, this rationing practice has been easier than I thought.

So I’d love to hear from you all.  On weddings, on stress, on the gym, work, the five pimples that popped on your face because your family drove you crazy.  How do you cope in a way that supports a heathy lifestyle?



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  1. If I can get a good workout and sweat session in it will usually appease the desire.

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