Strength in Sharing

Kim —  May 12, 2015 — 10 Comments

We are training really “solid” as Jim would say while preparing for our upcoming competition at the end of June.  Every training cycle brings us closer as we cheer each other on, help each other focus, dig through the challenges and smile just finding our way back to the platform.  Today I want to share something you won’t see in the gym, but it definitely starts there and is fueled by strength.

Bench night!

Bench night!

I serve on the Board for the Chrysalis House here in Lexington, KY, and our mission is to support women and their families in recovery from alcohol and other drugs.  The website states “Our name, Chrysalis, represents the protected stage of growth the caterpillar must enter before emerging as a butterfly.  Chrysalis House provides a safe, nurturing environment where recovering women may reside while undergoing a similar life changing process.”  This organization really is transforming for these families.  The Gym Laird community and especially The MissFits have been incredibly supportive of both my service and of the organization, and that’s where I want to focus this week’s first blog.

Jim & Emily with Lisa & Karen from the Chrysalis House

Jim & Emily with Lisa & Karen from the Chrysalis House

Every year Chrysalis House has a Mother’s Day luncheon as a fundraiser and each year a few of my MissFit friends and teammates join me at my table in support of what we do.  Additionally, this week, Jim and Emily both came to the Chrysalis House and spoke to our women about health, wellness, nutrition, and stress management.  I was so proud to call them each coach, friend, teammate.  They shared their strength with a community of women who are finding their own.  They made their own stories vulnerable and available to a group of women that are learning the same thing.  They connected our women to the facts they need to know about how they fuel their bodies and the bodies of their children moving forward in recovery, and they made themselves available moving forward to answer any questions and return to present more information.  We are now even planning some time for Jim to meet them at their gym and to show them some basic functional movements they can incorporate in their daily lives.  We MissFits will likely join Jim and support this opportunity.  It’s not the same kind of strength training that gets us competition ready, but it is the type of service in strength that will contribute to these women as they work through their own “competitions”.

What point am I trying to make here?  Essentially, that we all go through transformations of strength and it looks different for different people.  We all have a “chrysalis” stage and in that we have an obligation to share our strength, make transformation possible for others, and step into our own butterfly wings.  Training with Jim, the MissFits, and the rest of my team and Gym Laird community has been a transformation of my own and one I continue to be proud of and not take for granted.  We cannot do this alone.  While we may be the ones that stand on that platform, there is a team cheering us on and a commitment to cheer our other teammates on during their platform moment.  Our team, our coach, our gym is a place of community and of service and I couldn’t be prouder of what I learn from them each and every day.

Missy, Emily, Jen, myself, and Lizz

I love competing, I love training, I love lifting heavy, but I also love those unseen lessons of strength in the way we can be of service to others.  That is also strength and I hope this example is just one of many not only for us but for you in your training experiences.  Be willing to live through a chrysalis stage of your own and then be willing to help others find their butterfly.

10 responses to Strength in Sharing

  1. Kim, you are the best….we love having your strength and energy on our team!

    • Kim

      Thank you Lindy! It is a privilege to serve Chrysalis House along side you and under your leadership and mentorship!

  2. Kim, what a great read. I love this unseen lesson of strength. Looking forward to getting to know you better. Everything I have seen so far at Gym Laird has been inspirational.

    • Kim

      Thank you for your kind comment Angie! I also am looking forward to getting to know you better and getting stronger together!

  3. Kim, Thanks for sharing and for weaving a cool part of YOUR life into this place (Chrysalis House) that makes for NEW life. .( I didn’t know you were such a “beast” as my young adult son would say!) 🙂 Erin Rouse

    • Kim

      Ha! Thanks Erin! I do love my fellow MissFits and competing and I was thankful to get to combine that with another love of mine, my service to the Chrysalis House!

  4. Kim, what an amazing example of physical and emotional strength. Thank you for all you do!

    • Kim

      Thank you Laci! I’ve really enjoyed working with you on the Board and look forward to many more great opportunities for service!

  5. Kim,
    I loved reading this and I am so grateful for the way you and your team share your gifts and talents with the women and families. You are a brilliant addition to the board and we are so blessed with your presence. Thank you for your service and support!

    • Kim

      Thank you for your very kind words Julie! I have loved my service on the Board and look forward to many more service experiences with you and the other Board members!

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