Second Set: You Can’t Serve Two Masters

Suzanne —  February 19, 2015 — 3 Comments

I’m a reformed runner and I can usually tell when a new gym member is a runner.  It makes me smile. I’m happy for them. I want to go up and say, “It’s okay. This works. I’m like you.”

Making the switch was not easy. For a long time, I was convinced that all those hours of pounding the payment would give me what I wanted, to look good and feel good. But, it just wasn’t true. I finally got what I wanted when I made the switch to strength training. I shared my transformation story almost two years ago today and if you missed it, please take a look back.

I stopped running, switched to a Paleo diet and focused on strength training and these were my results.

I stopped running, switched to a Paleo diet and focused on strength training and THIS happened in about 4 months time.

Two years later and I can honestly say that maintaining this physique has been easier than I expected. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life, and I feel confident both in clothes and in a swimsuit. Sure, we all have days, weeks or months when we backslide a bit, and I’m no different than anyone else. Life happens. But I’m not usually off track for long and I always know what I need to “tweak” to get back to where I want to be, and it’s definitely NOT hours of cardio. In fact, for me, what I most usually need to focus on when this happens is stress management. When I’m getting plenty of rest and managing stress well, my diet usually falls right in line. As a result, I feel great and can really get after it in the gym.


Focusing on rest and stress management means I can train hard when I want to.







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3 responses to Second Set: You Can’t Serve Two Masters

  1. Thanks for this reminder Suzanne! I would still LOVE to be a distance runner BUT do to a stress fracture in my hip I cannot. After 7 months it still makes me sad that I can only run for max 3 miles a week and use to run 40 miles a week, but have switched to heavy lifting. I have been under weight for 2-ish years so the added muscle is a bonus. Just finding it hard to lift as heavy as I want to with a bad hip. I need to review if you have posted what your training schedule looks like and what you have found works for you. I have been paleo for over 2 years, my only vice is nut butters and still addicted to cardio, which is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour 5-6 days a week plus 3 days of lifting heavy (as heavy as I can).

    • Suzanne

      Hi Heather. Thanks for your comment. Transitioning from running to strength training was tough for me too, esp. mentally. I tried to do both for awhile but over time I feel in love with strength training. When I approached my coach about getting a bit more serious, he gave me an ultimatum. I had to stop distance running. Soon thereafter, I ran my last half marathon and decided what the hell. I was paying this guy too much money to continue ignoring his advice. What did I have to lose? I’ve never looked back. Today, I train 3, sometimes but not always 4, times a week.

      Also, I fractured my inferior pubic ramius when I was a runner and it gives me pelvic and hip issues. It flares up occasionally but not like it did when I was running. I make sure that I include “corrective” exercises as part of my warm-up to keep it in check.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Heather:

    Make sure you find a good physical therapist that works with athletes. Most of the time hip issues have something to do with core and positioning.

    Good luck to you.


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