Second Set: A Beginner Workout

Emily —  August 7, 2014 — Leave a comment

We’ve made some serious strides over the course of our training, but none of us started out with lifting big numbers.  In fact, when we started, most of us barely used any weight at all!  Jim is a stickler for proper form and movement which thankfully has gotten us to where we are now.  Here’s a look at what a workout would have been for us in the beginning before we became the powerlifting Miss Fits.

Warm-up (3 sets) :

Rock back breathing x 10 breaths

Hip circles each direction x 10

Hip extension each side x 10 (sometimes called the fire hydrant)

Spiderman/Moving Spiderman x 10

Quadruped extension/rotation x 10

Scapular retraction x 10

Tactical frog (Hip opener)

Work-out (3-4 sets):

RDL with PVC pipe x 10

Alternating front and side plank x 6 with 30 second hold

Box squat with no weight x 10

Conditioning (3-4 sets)

Prowler push (no added weight) x 1-2

Band pull-apart x 12

Medicine ball slams x 10


RDL with PVC pipe

RDL with PVC pipe

RDL with PVC pipe

RDL with PVC pipe







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