Safety in Numbers

Emily —  May 24, 2013 — 1 Comment

Getting in your workout is tough. There are a million things that can get in the way. But what about when you find the time and energy but the thing getting in the way is YOU?  Lacking the confidence or motivation can be the problem and it can seem like an overwhelming task to conquer alone.

 When I was lost in the haze of my cardio craze I would often attempt a run on my own or would hit the gym solo and think “Yea, I got this.” But it was a constant struggle.  Runs were boring and I found the gym crowded and intimidating. I was used to playing a team sport and was motivated to be active by being surrounded by my teammates.  I felt comfortable because everyone was working towards the same goal, cheering each other on.  But a solo workout isn’t like that at all. There’s no pat on the back, words of encouragement or someone standing by your side to make you feel comfortable and confident.

 It’s just YOU and your mind.  And at times that feels lonely.

Now it’s different, because I have support. I started training at GYM Laird with my husband, Chase.  It seemed less intimidating with him there.  We not only started training together, but we also made lifestyle and dietary changes together.  Doing these things together made it much easier to make them priorities.  It helped to keep each other motivated and accountable. Honestly, it was just fun to have more things in our lives we could share together. And although he doesn’t compete, he is extremely supportive of myself and all the Miss Fits.  He actually says he thinks it’s awesome that his wife lifts heavy.

Shortly after starting at the gym with Chase,  I convinced my bestie, Anne (Yes, Miss Fit Anne.  We’ve been friends since middle school) to give it a try. She and I have been accused of doing everything together and working out together was no exception.   It’s a great thing to have in common with a friend and a powerful motivator. We constantly call, text and chat about what we did/are doing in the gym, what we ate that day, when we find new awesome workout tanks on sale, etc.  We bounce questions and ideas off one another as we constantly learn and modify our approach to better health.

If that wasn’t enough to keep me on track, my gym support group has exponentially grown by having this fantastic group of ladies.  Being a part of the Miss Fits has done wonders for my motivation and self-esteem inside the gym.  And although most of us would attest we’re competitive by nature, the competition doesn’t come between us at all.  There’s nothing but smiles and words of encouragement from one another…just like how it feels when you’re on a team.

So what do you do if your hubby is a couch potato or your best friend considers drinking beer to be “working on her six-pack”?

Try to find someone or even something for support:

 1.Try to strike up a conversation with someone at your gym.  You may find out they’re hoping for a workout buddy as much as you are.

2.  Try a group class.  Knowing that the class meets at a certain time each day can hold you accountable.  Plus the instructor may spot you as a “regular” and may take notice when you’re not present, enticing you to stick with it.

3.  Ask questions on online forums/websites.  Finding like-minded individuals with similar issues or mindset can help make you feel like part of a community.

4. Track your progress with a fitness app on your phone or even trying journaling. This can help keep you accountable for goals you’ve set.

But if you still feel like you’re starting your fitness and wellness journey alone, try not to be scared or overwhelmed.  YOU CAN DO IT. Getting started is the first step. Don’t forget our group is always here for you. We want every person, every woman to feel like she has someone in her corner.




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One response to Safety in Numbers

  1. Jessica Sweeney June 10, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Great post, Em! Chris and I work out together, and it definitely keeps us more motivated. Usually when one of us is feeling kind of lazy, the other is the “voice of reason.” Keep up the great work!! You are an inspiration:)

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