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Kim —  March 23, 2015 — Leave a comment

As my fellow MissFits have pointed out recently, our next competition training cycle has officially kicked off and we are all excited and focused on new goals and supporting one another to meet those goals!  I want to spend a little bit of time this week focusing on a topic you won’t find on the score sheets, in the record books, or on the bar………………ADVERSITY.  Adversity comes in all forms, it sneaks up on us, it challenges us.  Adversity is defined as misfortune or difficulty.


How does this affect us in the gym?  Let’s start with the obvious…………..the lifts.  This upcoming competition will be my third one and I’m incredibly excited for it, but at the same time the lifts represent their own form of adversity for me.  The weights are getting heavier, challenging me to find new ways to dig deeper and get there.  I have some goals in mind as training begins, and I know my coach has some goals in mind for me and the rest of my teammates.  Setting goals are our path out of adversity and into prosperity.  Once we set the goal for squats, bench, and deadlifts we know the path we have to walk to meet the challenge, overcome the difficulty or adversity and lock out the successful lift and feel prosperous.  You see, prosperity is the opposite of adversity but they have a relationship in between and to me that relationship is our GOALS.

When I think about my goals, I think about setting big picture competition goals, but more importantly I think about setting goals in the gym each day I train.  Today’s adversity could feel like a hard day at work leading to a training night when I need to be able to focus on the lift, focus on my technique, focus on my coach and teammates.  In order to reach prosperity in this case, I would need to set a “focus” goal.  Gym Laird has a sign on the front door instructing all of us to leave our negativity here.  Essentially this means, bring your goals in the door, focus on your goals and the rest will come……..prosperity/success will come.

Even at 40 years old, I still get motivated by adversity as opposed to defeated by it.  The only difference at my age is that I have to define it differently, I have to be wiser within it, and I have to honor where I know it can lead me if I focus.  This becomes our anthem, this becomes our call to action.

anne-bradstreet-quotes_15053-1Last week I had an experience where I stepped under the squat bar and it was a heavy squat night.  My technique started out strong, but as I got to the bottom something went wrong and I had a moment, a very quick moment of fear………..not panic, but fear that I wouldn’t be able to get back up.  Emily did a brilliant job talking about this in her post  My technique had slipped out of focus and I was leaning too far forward so what does our mind do in a moment like that… reaches for prosperity, it wants to succeed.  Through that fear I knew I had to rise up and stand or risk injury or a failed lift.  Did that adversity defeat me that day or otherwise?  No, instead it motivated me (after I got angry at my mistake) to step back under the bar again and focus on exactly what I knew I did wrong in order to do it right the next time.  We learn through adversity, we reach through adversity, we strive through adversity, and ultimately we WIN through adversity!

Squat bar

Prosperity is often used in association with successful financial circumstances, but it is at its core a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition.  This is why we get up from our squat, this is why we push through to the top on our bench press, and this is why we lock out strong at the top of our deadlift.  To be prosperous……… capture that moment, that feeling that sets up the craving for more.

I love those moments in the gym filled with my teammates, music, conversation, and comradery when I step up to the bar, quiet my mind, focus on technique, and lock out something important.  The lift, the defeat of adversity, and the achievement of something special.  To all of you training out there in your own way for strength of body, mind and soul……..set your goals and pave your path to prosperity!

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