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Missy —  August 21, 2015 — Leave a comment

As we have talked about previously, all of us Miss Fits have had our fair share of stress and tragedy over the last several months. It seems as though we’ve not had the ability to really catch our breath. For me personally, all this has affected my work outs and certainly my diet. I truly miss my work outs terribly, not only just the physical aspect, but the ability to be with my girls (Jim too!) and have girl talk (Jim enjoys this).

But life just happens. For instance, just when I think that I couldn’t possibly add one more thing to my plate, another piece gets added. And just like that, just as anyone else, I keep right on plugging away. Sometimes I sit and ask myself, what freaking day is it and where has the time gone?!? I have certainly been down on myself for missing so many work outs and not putting the right things in my mouth. It happens, right? Yes, it certainly does! And as I say on a daily basis at work…now what are we going to do about it!

So, if I can’t make it to the gym more than a couple nights (which hasn’t happened for the last two weeks) I can at least try and make sure that I am eating better foods. This part is at least in my control to some degree. A friend of mine recently started doing something very interesting, and I have decided to try it out. What is it, you ask? Make ahead Paleo-ish freezer meals! I believe that at some point I have thought about this, but some of the recipes have some junk in them that I prefer not to eat.

Below are a couple of sites that I have found that look like they have some good recipes for starting this process. If there is an ingredient I don’t like, I simply don’t have to put it in there. I am slightly a picky eater and I don’t mind to cook but a good recipe in my opinion is simple and has less than 10 ingredients. After 10 ingredients, I’ve lost interest (sometimes even 5).

Check out Paleo Made Painless and Life Made Full For some great recipes. I know I am! I’ll track what I think went good, and of course what may have gone wrong and share them in a later post. I’d love to hear if anyone else has done this!



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