Not Just A Pretty Face

Suzanne —  March 11, 2014 — 13 Comments

Guest Post Written by Renae Corman
My entire life I’ve always been thought of as “the girl with the pretty face…if she would only lose weight.”  This being said I just thought I was destined to be a lifelong “fat girl”.  Giving into name calling and ridicule I continued to eat.  I graduated high school in 1988 and met my first husband that summer.  It wasn’t a good relationship from day one and I gained 100 pounds in a year.  I carried most of this weight for the next 23 years, give or take 20 or 30 pounds. At 41, I decided I couldn’t do it any longer. I was being held prisoner in my own body. I started on a journey that has forever changed my life!  I lost 60 pounds and started walking 5 days a week.

Walking was great, but I knew I needed more. A longtime friend and Miss Fit, Suzanne, encouraged me to check out J&M Strength and Conditioning.  I was hesitant, simply because a gym was not my idea of fun. Honestly, I was scared to death, but Suzanne, being her persistent self, convinced me to check it out. I will be forever grateful for her.  Without her, I wouldn’t have found the courage to join the greatest group of people I have ever known. I have learned so much from Jim Laird and Lucy Hendricks about nutrition, fitness, and breathing. I can’t say enough about them.

After a year at J&M, loving every minute of it, Suzanne asked me if I would be interested in joining the powerlifting team. At first, I thought she was joking. She wasn’t. The thought of competing makes me feel very anxious but I’m also excited. I quickly realized that I really want to go for it. I figure it’s time to prove to that 300 pound “fat girl” that still lives inside me that she deserves to be fit and healthy and strong…I CAN DO THIS!!  Thank you, Suzanne, for pushing me…I will be forever grateful.

Renae farmer carry

Renae curlsRenae will compete in her first Powerlifting competition at the NASA Kentucky State Powerlifting meet in Morehead, KY on May 17, 2014.

The Miss Fits are proud to have Renae as part of their team. Stay tuned for training updates and meet results.

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13 responses to Not Just A Pretty Face

  1. Renae!!! U look amazing!!! Great job!!!

  2. I’m proud of you Renee and I haven’t even met you yet! Looking forward to it!

  3. You look so great Renae! Lots of dedication on your part. Way to go!! Good luck in the upcoming competition!! Will be Rooten for you!

  4. Renae,
    You were one of my best friends in school, and if you were ‘the fat kid’, then I hate to think about what everyone thought I was!! You were and are more than just a pretty face. You always have been. Just to let you in on something not many people know, my dad used to tell me the same thing…”you could get any man you want if you’d lose weight”….”you are so pretty, just think how much happier you would be if you lost some weight”..from my FATHER!!!! I am 43 and he still does it! I am so proud of you, and maybe some of your drive and inspiration will wear off on me!! Keep on kickin’ ass, girlfriend!!!! You ROCK!!

    • Renae

      Becky you’ve made me cry….I definitely know the emotional scars it leaves to have someone constantly tell you …you aren’t quite good enough. You can do this too if its what YOU want! Love u girl 🙂

  5. Great story Renee! Super proud of you and your determination!

  6. Great Transformation Renae. Your so Lucky to Have a Jim Laird in your Town,, I wish I had one :(,, so happy for you. ROCK ON Girl !!!

  7. Renae

    I AM LUCKY TO KNOW SUCH A GREAT MAN!! He gave me the tools to do it!

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