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Suzanne —  June 12, 2014 — 7 Comments

Miss Fit’s teammate and guest blogger, Kim Harris, shares the story of her first powerlifting meet.

This car magnet was anonymously left on my car not long before my first powerlifting meet.

This homemade magnet was anonymously left on my car not long before my first powerlifting meet.

“Fear the Onesie” and boy did I ever!  The night before the meet, my first powerlifting meet as a baby ninja, I was quite anxious of not only the onesie but of what I had managed to get myself into.  I had completed the “family fashion show” at home trying to grow more comfortable walking around in that itsy bitsy teeny weeny powerlifting bikini, and my son helped me pick out some funky socks for the deadlift so there was no turning back at that point.  I was committed……….or maybe should have been committed.  When Suzanne asked me to write about what it was like participating in my first powerlifting meet since my guest blog post ”Ninja in Training” there is so much I can say (and you guessed it………I’m going to).

That day started early with everyone meeting at the gym and getting a group picture before we set out on the road to Morehead.  I kept telling myself that I was ready, that this is a good stretch for me, and that this new experience with these phenomenal women was going to be memorable!  Now I know those of you who know me, know that I am right most of the time (well in my own mind – indulge me) but this time I really WAS right.  We got there, weighed in (yes THAT happened and was as fun as you are imagining it to be), and were warming up when Jim came over to talk to us, and it was at that moment that this became quite real.  I can’t say enough about the character of a man and coach that Jim is and how he prepared each of us individually and as a team. His pre-meet talk solidified for me that I was doing something important for a lot of reasons.  He reminded us that we were setting an example of strength and fitness for women everywhere (and what he may not have known was that I was setting an example of strength and fitness for myself – believing I could achieve something again).  Our team is strong both physically and in support of one another.  The Miss Fits were so helpful and supportive to each of us rookies showing us the ropes, talking us through what to expect and cheering us on – they set an example within our team and we all appreciated them for it.

So, here comes the lifts, starting with the squat which is the one lift I felt the most competent in so I was ready………in my mind.  Now, each lift took place up on a stage, in front of an audience, up on a platform, with spotlights shining down on you and big, giant “spotter-men” (my own technical term for these guys) on each side of you………….yea that should feel comfortable.  Well, they called my name and it was time to take off the sweatpants and t-shirt and just stand there in my onesie (did I mention under a spotlight?).  I walked over to Jim and he rubbed chalk on my back – kinda made me feel like a badass I’ll admit, and I walked up to the bar.  Was I scared, nervous, anxious?  YES – but there was a team full of women on the side of the stage cheering me on so it was time to find the zone.  Something happened on that stage, under that spotlight, in that onesie, with big giant “spotter-men” next to me……………….I DID IT!  Each of us did it!  See that’s what this ended up being all about……..achieving personal bests, being a team, standing up there with ourselves, our abilities, Jim’s preparation, Jim’s coaching from the sidelines, our onesies, chalk, and ultimately achieving that moment.  What moment you ask?  I know I am great at creating suspense………..

Three moments actually became incredibly memorable to me that day………..the first moment was stepping up on stage for the first time, exposed, vulnerable, nervous, but ready.  The second moment was pulling my biggest number in the deadlift (203 lbs) after weeks of struggling to figure out the right positioning. Jim believed in me and told me I could do it and guess what………I did!  The third moment came off the stage when we were all finished, cupcakes (gluten-free) were being pulled out of Miss Fit bags and there was Suzanne pulling out a T-shirt that said “Ninja Kim” on the back………………something so simple, so kind, so thoughtful, and so incredibly important to me.  See, those of you who read my first guest blog post will remember this line: “I will secretly admit that it would make my year 2014 if I ended up with a T-shirt bearing an official title of “Ninja Kim”.” 

Ninja Kim and Coach JIm

Ninja Kim and Coach JIm



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7 responses to Ninja Kim

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! Have been following your group since it’s beginning & soooo inspiring. Keep up the great example – it touches MANY of us women out here to keep going!! Heading to gym this AM to get in a workout before vacation after reading this 🙂 🙂

    • Kim

      Thank you Joy for your kind comment! The MissFits regularly encourage, support, and cheer the rest of us on in the gym daily and it’s so good to see that their contagious spirit is reaching so many others. I am thankful they asked me to share a bit of my story and am really glad you enjoyed it. I hope your vacation is a restful and fun one!

  2. Kim, I am so proud of you for doing this. What a great accomplishment. Personally, standing up in front of everyone on stage with a spotlight is nerve wracking. My trainer still thinks it is funny that I don’t even like to drop my dead lift but quietly place it down. I hate making noise in the gym and drawing attention to me. Way to go!!! Keep up all the hard work, Ninja Kim! Love you, cuz!

    • Kim

      Thanks Sheri! I think you’re pretty awesome yourself and am so glad you’re strength training. You can already see how rewarding it is and I saw drop that deadlift, let them notice you in the gym, and keep lifting heavy! Love you too cuz!

    • Kim

      Thank you Bev! This experience has truly been life-changing in some important ways and I just appreciate the MissFits for asking me to share a little bit of it.

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