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Suzanne —  May 5, 2014 — 1 Comment

Guest Post Written by Kim Harris

I have had so many people ask me about the gym I attend, J&M Strength and Conditioning, and I cannot help myself but to be a walking and talking commercial for them.  Their philosophy, approach to coaching, community atmosphere and ability to put up with ME deserves such a commercial.  When Suzanne asked me to write a guest blog for The Miss Fits well, after I wiped the misty tears of gratitude from my face, I quickly realized how very much going to this gym has meant for my journey…..the very thing Suzanne asked me to write about.

See I wish I could start by saying something powerful about the reason my wife and I joined the gym a little over a year ago, you know one of those inspirational, bumper sticker type of reasons, but the simple truth is that we were both ready to do something “new”, something “else” and something “meaningful”.  Now, those of you that know me know that I am NOT a group exercise person, but rather I fall into more of the physically dysfunctional former athlete category who thought she knew everything there was to know about being fit and healthy (even if I had ignored it for the most part since my twenties).  What I discovered when I started taking classes at J&M was that I actually COULD turn into one of those group exercise people (shhhh keep that to yourself though).  See my journey has not just been physical, but it has also been emotional and mental.  The physical part people have witnessed (consider yourselves lucky), but the emotional and mental parts have been more personal – until this blog of course (again….consider yourselves lucky).  What I discovered about myself along the way this past year has been that I CAN find the familiar, former athlete, coach/player dynamic…..I CAN learn from my “teammates” and I most certainly CAN just simply feel better.

For the past few months some of my friends who are members of The Miss Fits and have had incredible success competitively lifting have talked to me about competing.  They have been very positive and encouraging, but let’s be honest, these ladies are remarkable.  I do not call them Miss Fits, but rather I have taken to calling them the Ninjas!  For example, Suzanne is not Suzanne, but rather she is Ninja Suzanne, Jen is not Jen but rather Ninja Jen, Missy is not Missy….well you get my point!  I make a lot of jokes, I run my mouth an awful lot, but the truth is Jim, Lucy, the interns, my fellow “gym-goers” have inspired me over the course of this past year to believe in what my body, mind, and spirit can do.  They have inspired me to wear smaller clothes because I can, they have inspired me to pay better attention to the fuel I give my body, and they have inspired me to just simply feel better. SO why not let them inspire to try this competition thing?!  I finally decided to take the plunge, the power-lifting plunge and join the team!  Now, don’t get ahead of yourselves, I am NOT a member of The Miss Fits (well I AM a miss-fit, but of a different sort), but I will secretly admit that it would make my year 2014 if I ended up with a T-shirt bearing an official title of “Ninja Kim”.

For those of you that are crippled by hiding from yourself (me), paralyzed by fear of failure (me), unclear of how to get started (me), or interested in a journey to feeling better (me) – I say go for it, take the plunge, identify that challenge and STEP UP………….I did and I am!

Kim, Coach Jim and Ninja Jen

Kim, Coach Jim and Ninja Jen



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One response to Ninja in Training

  1. KimK

    Love this post! Can’t wait to be co-Kims in competition at our first meet!

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