Neutral Spine Squats

Jen —  January 17, 2014 — 2 Comments

Our questions this week are from Dustin who is training his wife. She recently began strength training and is having difficulty maintaining a neutral spine while squatting and is having slow progression with upper body strength. All the miss fits can identify with slow improvement in our bench performance. We routinely use micro load plates in order to make 2.5lb jumps instead of strictly using 5lb plates. The smaller increments can be the difference between making the lift and failing. We also consistently work on upper body accessory movements such as pull ups.

Jim describes some assistance work for improving squat technique in the video below.

Missy and Jim demo the “dead bug” which is also useful for core stability in this video.

Thanks for your questions Dustin, we hope this helps. If anyone has questions or video requests please email us

2 responses to Neutral Spine Squats

  1. I forgot to mention adding extra upper body work on your lower body days in between your main lifts you can add dumbell presses, upper back work. This is a great way to add extra volume into training.


  2. Much appreciated. Always good to get advice from people with more experience than myself. Thanks again.

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