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Age: 37

Occupations: Nurse, Emergency Department Manager

Lifting Since: December 2012

Favorite Motivational Quote: There are several that I have liked over the years. Two of my favorites are:

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been”-George Eliot.

“Everything you want is just right outside your comfort zone.”-Robert Allen

Favorite Lift: Initially it was the squat, now I LOVE bench!! Still the oddball.

Favorite Workout Song: I could make a very long list for this one! Some of my favorites would be anything heavy metal like Metallica, AC/DC, Nine Inch Nails, and Nickelback. Truly though, anything with a good beat will do the trick.

Favorite Post-Workout Snack: Anything that involves spaghetti squash!

How I Got Into Lifting: I would like to consider myself athletic, but truth be known, I’m very awkward and it takes me several tries to really get the knack for things. As a teenager I did things like gymnastics (definitely not Olympic quality) but it was fun. I always tried to stay as active as possible through various forms of exercise such as running, at home DVD’s, and oh yeah that gym membership that I paid for, for at least a few years but really didn’t attend like I should have. I always had the best intentions, but never had that real motivation that kept me excited to continue with any of these. Following the birth of my son in 2005, my body just didn’t seem to rebound quite the way I had envisioned. Through one of my fellow Miss Fits (Emily) I learned of this great place (J&M Strength and Conditioning) that put a different spin on workouts. I started out small by attending classes that involved using weights, just to make sure I would actually follow through with it. I felt motivated, encouraged and actually excited to go.

What I Like About Lifting: I love feeling strong! I wanted to be more than just skinny. It was more important to feel good about myself (yes, naked too). When I decided to actually put more focus into my diet as well as the lifting I really started to see changes in not only my physique, but how I felt day to day. The amount of encouragement and enthusiasm from my fellow Miss Fits keeps me motivated every time I step into the gym. I definitely like the push and the feeling of being held accountable for goals that I want to meet.



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