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I remember our first meet two years ago, the first time I ever saw a man in a onesie and how that has forever scarred me.  I remember standing out because, well, we were outnumbered by a lot of men in tiny singlets lifting A LOT of weights, and we were the minority also wearing singlets and lifting a lot of weight!  There were nerves as we lifted on stage, excitement as we set personal bests for the first time, and camaraderie as we started to form a team of strong women.

Pre-meet gun show!

Pre-meet gun show!

This meet, the first thing we noticed as we walked into the meet was a lot of women! Seriously! There was our gang of twelve (compared to five two years ago) and another ten who had showed up.  Talk about girl power; it was exciting!

The day started out with the squat, which turned out to be a little more difficult than most of us expected.  The judges are amazing at the NASA meets, but they’re tough. If we didn’t get our hips below our knees (breaking parallel), our lift was no good.  This just caused us to think a little bit more on each squat, and thankfully we had Jim there to tell us exactly when to “GO, GO, GO!”  There were some great PRs and our new goal created by Ninja Kim, “just try to grab the carpet with your ass!” when going for depth.

The bench was next.  I love seeing girls PR at the bench; it’s such a difficult lift for so many of us.  We saw some awesome new personal bests, and some of our new lifters experienced what it’s like to fail at a lift for the first time.  If I had a frustrating moment at all Saturday, it was now.  I benched 103lbs, 10 lbs up from last year’s best of 93, only to lift my feet off the ground as I racked the bar. The lift was no good, but that’s part of the game.  Next time, I can bench even more knowing 103lbs was attainable.

We always walk on stage for the deadlift like we own the place because, well … we do! This lift is our “sweet spot.”  It’s so exciting watching everyone step up to the deadlift. We each have our own little prep we do as we approach the bar to pull.  Jim starts to get excited as PRs are met, and there’s a lot of jumping around when we accomplish new goals.  Missy even did a little shimmy for the crowd as she fought and won a battle with 220lbs for a new personal best!

Post meet cupcake celebration!

Post meet cupcake celebration!

It was an amazing day.  It had its ups and downs, but we made it and walked away with cupcakes in hand to celebrate.  Most importantly, we’re starting to see that women aren’t afraid to lift heavy weights, step into the onesie, and attain goals. Every one of the women at this meet was beautiful, strong and feminine.



Squat: 209 PR
Bench: 104 PR
Deadlift: 319 PR


Squat: 220 matched PR
Bench: 104 matched PR
Deadlift: 303


Squat: 126 PR
Bench: 77 PR
Deadlift: 154 PR



Squat: 214 PR
Bench: 99 PR
Deadlift: 303 PR
Squat: 176 PR
Bench: 99 PR
Deadlift: 220 PR
Squat: 275 PR
Bench: 121 matched PR
Deadlift: 358
The Miss Fits. we're strong, bold, competitive and beautiful. Next stop Nationals!

The Miss Fits. we’re strong, bold, competitive and beautiful. Next stop Nationals!



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