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Missy —  May 13, 2014 — Leave a comment

Yes!! It’s meet week. After 12 weeks of hard training we have arrived at the week of our meet. This is the state Morehead, KY meet, which if I’m not mistaken is the one that started it all for us (just maybe at different times for some). It’s always exciting for me to get to this point, but maybe even a little more so this time. I feel like after having two meets under my belt I’ve learned a few things. Some of what works and also what doesn’t.

During this 12 week training, one of the things that I have really grown to like is the “walk-out.” Learn more about that here. Of the prior meets that I have done, we have performed this in the gym a few times before the meet in order to get us prepped for the larger amounts of weight on our back. This time we started doing this sooner, and with even larger amounts of weight. For me, it really made me focus on digging my shoulders and traps into the bar before un-racking. Walking out this heavier weight definitely makes that “oh s#*t” feeling a little less intense. Feeling as comfortable as I can is definitely key to a successful squat. Nothing more embarrassing than un-racking and fouling from the start.

One of the things that I have learned and want to put more effort in on this meet is my focus prior to getting up on stage. At the first meet, everything was new and just the sheer newness coupled with my fear of being in front of people had me shaking in my Converse. Going to the second meet, I gained some focus by listening to music and focusing on form in my head. I also liked watching what the other girls were able to do in order to stay calm (if there is such a thing). I’ve noticed everyone has their own “meet magic” that helps them chill before the main event. Nothing is more calming to me than listening to a little bit of heavy metal, excuse the pun. Funny I know, but it works! Suzanne usually puts her ear buds in and really has her mind set to what she’s about to do. I’ve always enjoyed seeing her face of pure determination. Emily’s talked about successfully performing each lift mentally prior to getting on the stage. I tried that last time, except I was performing every lift in my head, but all at the same time. My hope is that I can take a little bit of everyone’s great styles and throw in my own little twist that will become my “meet magic.”



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