Load The Bar

Missy —  September 30, 2014 — Leave a comment

There are some very familiar words that Jim has always said since my first day of deadlifting. Famous words we know as “load the bar.” This is what he wants you to do before you start pulling the weight off the floor. Even though I heard those words (over and over and over again), they never clicked with me. I just didn’t get it. I always thought I was loading it by simply getting that damn bar off the floor. Nope!! But, as usual, I was determined to keep at it thinking that one day maybe I would “get it.”

One Saturday I had the pleasure of watching Jim finish up his deadlift work out while I was doing my foam rolling and warm up exercises. As I was warming up, I kept watching every detail of his lift. Everyone learns differently, and I am one of those that learn by watching or doing. I have watched the other girls do this a million times the same way, but there was just something different this day. The sheer magnitude of weight that he was pulling off the floor was so heavy that I could actually see that bar bend as he “loaded” it to pull. I think I sat there like a small child in amazement watching every lift and every set up he did. I sure wish I had devoted more attention to that a year ago; I might be even closer to that 300 pound lift that I WILL get one day.

After watching this and having my epiphany, I made it my goal to set up exactly as I always had, but this time when I took my breath to brace in my belt I would “load the bar” before each and every pull. I know that I have written a post before on my struggles with the deadlift, but I feel like within each struggle there is opportunity for learning. Every time I go in, there may be something small or insignificant to someone else, but it may be that one thing that makes the biggest difference. My refusal to give up and to stay determined has lead me to where I am now, and I couldn’t be happier!



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