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Anne —  July 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

Oh, how I despise moving.  There was a period of my life through college in which I moved once a year.  At that point my belongings consisted of clothes and random pieces of plastic furniture from Target and picture frames displaying all my BFF’s.  Moving was easy then.  It could be done in an afternoon.  Now, I’ve lived in my house for six years and have accumulated many more belongings.  I have real adult furniture and a fully stocked kitchen.  That alone makes moving way less easy.  I have been trying to do things in small increments.  Pack a small box here and there; take loads of stuff out of the house as I come and go.  Sounds productive, right?  You’d think so, however, what I’ve been left with in the meantime is a house that is turned upside down and looks as though a bomb has gone off.  I have completely neglected laundry duty so now finding clean clothes is a challenge.  I worked a stretch of night shifts last week so I was the walking dead on Thursday and Friday; I got way less accomplished on those days than I would have liked. 

The current condition of my house, everything in boxes piled in the corner.

The current condition of my house, everything in boxes piled in the corner.

Working nights, trying to move, and other personal life related events (more on that later) have meant that the gym has taken a backseat!  I haven’t seen the gym since last Monday; I skipped my workout on Thursday with the intention of going Friday.  That didn’t happen either.  Now my next available day for a workout is Thursday which means no workout for a week and a half!  During high stress times like this Jim has always emphasized “less is more”. Our bodies can’t distinguish different types of stress.  Whether it’s from school, work, family, finances, moving or workouts-it’s all stress and our bodies react the same way to each stressor.  This is why Jim tells us not to worry so much about our workouts when we have lots of other stressors going on at the same time.  All that we’ll end up doing is beating down our bodies.  Contrary to what many people believe, an intense workout is not a very effective way to cope with stress.  Although I haven’t seen the inside of the gym in the last week I have been active.  Moving furniture, packing box after box of endless dishes, painting walls, disassembling and reassembling furniture have all been my activities for the week.  I know Jim would tell me to focus on deep breathing exercises, mediation, foam-rolling, and stretching.  All great advice, however, even those simple things have been neglected in the last week.


The gym cannot and should not always be a priority.  Your overall health and wellness may actually benefit from a break from the gym, especially during a time in which you have a lot of outside stress affecting you.  I’ve let the gym take the backseat in the last week both intentionally and unintentionally.  I’ve been so busy that finding the time to go was difficult, and even when I found the time I just really didn’t want to go.  After my move this week I plan on getting right back on track and I’m really looking forward to it, mostly because that means the moving will be OVER! 




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