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Age: 40

Occupation: Director of Development, UK College of Fine Arts

Weight Training Since: January 2013

Favorite Inspirational Quote: Something my dad used to always say to us each morning “Don’t take any wooden nickels”

Favorite Lift: When I started I would say the squat because I had the earliest success with it, but my gritty personality would have to say sumo deadlift now because it has been my biggest challenge and greatest reward!

Favorite Workout Song: I can’t really name one, of course Jim and Lucy provide us with quite a mix at the gym. Recently though I would have to say I get in my zone with “Remember the Name”, Fort Minor.

Favorite Post-Workout Snack: I’m not a big snacker and this will make very little sense to some, but I love peas!! I usually eat dinner after my workouts and love it on the nights we have peas!

How I Got Into Lifting: It was a dark and stormy night…….no seriously, I always participated in team sports growing up (primarily basketball, but also soccer and softball) so being a part of a team dynamic is the most natural, intuitive environment for me. When I had to quit basketball my sophomore year in college due to another knee injury I went through a bit of a grieving process. Athletics had been such an integral part of my academic life, my stress management, my friend network, etc. and in an instant it was gone. I became a “recovering athlete” for many years and stayed connected to team sports through coaching for a while, but I had real difficulty connecting with anything sustaining. I have never been much of a group class, yoga, aerobics, etc. kind of person and then about two years ago I joined Gym Laird and finally found a community of people with similar goals, interesting stories, tremendous coaches, and found a place I could connect. After about a year of classes I was encouraged to consider joining the powerlifting team and to compete. I was hesitant at first primarily because it was new and new takes time for me, but the women on the team were encouraging, welcoming, and I had found my “people” again. I’ve never been a yoga pant/tank top kinda girl, but getting leaner and stronger through this process has given me the confidence to get a little wild and wear smaller clothes and find my inner super hero! Now I show up ready to go in my superhero shirt of the day and accompanying determination.

Why I Love To Lift: I have loved the experience of accomplishment, of physical results, of feeling stronger in my everyday life, and of being a part of a group of women pushing each other to have fun and be their own personal best.

Body image, like most women, is something I have battled with – outside me vs. inside me. On any given day the winner was yet to be determined. I had misconceptions about lifting heavy, imagining I would transform into a masculinized figure, but the exact opposite has happened….what I have found is that through lifting heavy and eating healthier, I am leaner, stronger, more determined, which brings the outside me and inside me into greater union and less conflict.

Being a new member of The Miss Fits I look forward to sharing a bit of my ninja/super hero experience and journey, being a part of this outstanding group of women who encourage and celebrate each other, and to enjoy the work, the stumbles, and the many triumphs.

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