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Missy —  July 1, 2014 — 1 Comment

One of the things that happen when you find that workout program you love is that it becomes all you want to tell people about, and the ones closest to you hear about it the most. This is no exception to me and my love for weightlifting. I enjoy talking about lifting weights and the positive effects it has on my body. Here lately I have had several people ask me how they can get their significant other, mother, father, etc. into lifting weights. As I have learned, there is no magic potion to make this happen. Because of this I thought I would share a more personal side about this and my struggle to get my mom to work out.

Let me take you back a few years. I’m going to try and make this rather long situation into a much shorter condensed version. You always hope your parents are going to live forever, right? It begins like this…I got a call one evening as I was going to bed. My mom was having chest pain and her blood pressure was really high. Needless to say, I shifted into high gear and we made a rather quick trip to the ER. Less than 24 hours later she was headed straight for a heart cath (where they check the arteries that supply the heart to see if there are blockages). Sitting in that consultation room waiting for the results felt like an eternity. When they finally came in to give the results, I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Of course, they give us a visual of the actual procedure and there it was right before my very eyes….one of her major arteries clogged 99.9%! One more day and she may not have been with us anymore. You see this is the one artery they call the “widow maker.”

Prior to this I had always pushed and tried hard to get her to do some form of exercise. But now, it was even more important for her to focus on her health and wellness, at least in my mind anyway. It’s interesting though, because when an event like this happens and those like my mom realize they were so close to death it can take a multitude of turns on their attitudes towards things. For some it seems as if it empowers them and drives them to focus on prevention and how to keep the same thing from happening again. The others become scared and become slightly stagnant for fear of indeed dying. My mom became the one that was scared to do anything.

Was I going to let this stop me? Uhhhh, NO! I tried every way I could to get her to do something….ANYTHING!! So, at this point I did what any good natured daughter would do. I got my son (her grandson) to motivate her a little by asking her to take walks with him. Now, I know this is just walking, but it is something and something is better than nothing! These walks have slowly gotten faster and just a little bit longer each time. She not only feels better, but it also gives us time together a few days a week. She recently even asked me about starting to lift some “easy” weights as she calls it. So, I guess I would say to anyone trying to get someone else involved with them is to take it easy, and as they “you have to start somewhere!”

My mom and I at Christmas.

My mom and I at Christmas.



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  1. Missy, I have had similar struggles with my Mom. She always says she cannot exercise because she is in pain from arthritis. It is hard to get her to understand that she will feel better if she gets out and walks a little every day. Just walking, that’s all! She finally caved and bought some fun little atheltic shoes… and a treadmill. Baby steps but I will not give up on her!

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