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Missy —  June 4, 2013 — 8 Comments

When it comes to eating and lifting weights, I have always heard about how important it is to fuel your body with natural, good ingredients in order to get the best performance. Let’s just say as much as I have always heard this, I never really fully embraced the idea. As far as losing weight was concerned, I thought that by working out they would balance each other out. I remember thinking to myself, “I can eat this candy bar because I just worked out.” As I have found out, this really doesn’t work. I didn’t even put thought into how eating better could help me gain more strength.

In the eating world, I’m what you would call a junk food junkie or a carboholic. If it was sugary, breaded, candy-coated or had anything to do with chocolate, then I was game. Potatoes, pasta and rice were also favorites of mine. Needless to say I felt sluggish all the time, and my energy during workouts faded quickly. For a long time I never associated the two as being cause and effect. I just figured this was who I was and that it was part of my genetic makeup. WRONG!! Even after about a year of regular workouts three and four times a week, I thought I should look better and even feel better. I just couldn’t seem to grasp why I hadn’t seen more change with my regular efforts.

Being with the group of girls that I work out with regularly (which now are several of the Miss Fits), we routinely talk about what we eat and how we can meet certain goals. In January several of us decided to take a closer look at what we put in our mouths to fuel our bodies. We chose a program that lasted thirty days called the Whole30 http://whole9life.com/category/whole-30/ and completely eliminated grains, sugar, and artificial and processed ingredients from our diet. Let me just say I was a little more than concerned that I wouldn’t be able to stick to this kind of plan … carboholic, remember?

The first seven days were by far the worst. I was craving everything I couldn’t have and was used to eating, including my diet pop. My energy in the gym was still a little less than stellar. If you were one of the few that had to be around me, you might have described me as being “cranky” during this time. It wasn’t until about the 12th day that something very interesting happened. I actually started feeling good; better than I could ever remember. My cravings for junk had almost disappeared, my energy levels had increased, and my mind felt clear. I no longer had that mid afternoon crash. I was also starting to feel stronger in the gym. It was almost as if something had awakened parts of my body that had been asleep for way too long. I had the drive to push myself longer and even harder than I had before.

By the time the end of the thirty days rolled around, I could tell a dramatic difference in the way I was performing in the gym, and the small changes in my body appearance were also evident. This is not to say that I was completely on par for the entire thirty days. There were a few times that I fell off the plan, but I chose to pick myself back up and get right back to it. What it did teach me was the difference that I felt by eating more nutritious, natural foods and how they really do affect my gym performance. I think it’s difficult to say that I’ll never eat another chocolate chip cookie again. But maybe just as a treat every great now and then instead of every day. I feel so much better without all the other junk, and even perform better too. Have you noticed a difference in the way you feel at the gym depending on what you eat?



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8 responses to Junk Food Junkie

  1. Thanks for the great post! I used to be on Paleo and have fallen off the wagon for the last 10 months or so. This was great encouragement to get back on it!!!

  2. Thanks for the great message. As a new Paleo convert, I found this post to be close to my experiences as well. I am on the last couple days of my initial 21 day detox and I am starting to feel great. It makes it easier since my wife has also switched to this lifestyle. So far, I have dropped 12 lbs (and a few inches) and my wife has dropped a little over 15 lbs (and several inches). It is definitely easier when you have a partner to help encourage you and slap your fingers when needed. We have slowly started to work out since our energy levels have finally increased. Hopefully the work outs will pick up a little more, as I’m curious to see what I can accomplish. Our goal is to compete in a Mud Run in mid September. I have found that the posts on here also can pertain to guys as well. Keep up the great work. I forgot to mention that my wife is a cousin to one of the Miss Fits. Thanks for your help and encouragement Suzanne!!

    • Missy

      That’s awesome! It definitely makes things easier when your spouse/significant does the same plan. My husband did it with me and he noticed a big difference in the way he felt an performed in the gym too. Good luck on your Mud Run!

  3. I wondered if any of you are experimenting with intermittent fasting…I’ve tried it a couple different times and always have bad results…also google found me this:

  4. Great post! I am currently on day 3 of the same process, and it is encouraging to see other women doing the same. I have also chosen to eliminate dairy during the 30 days. Did you allow yourself dairy, or did you eliminate it as well? What about low-carb protein powders? Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!

    • Missy

      Hey Brittany. I did eliminate dairy during the thirty days and this was a bit of a struggle at first. I was a greek yogurt fiend. I allow it every now and then now, but really I don’t even miss it. I did do low carb protein powders and found that these helped tremendously, especially with sweet cravings. Keep at it, if you can make it to about day 8 or 9 then it will get better.

  5. I’m curious if you’re Paleo now, or if you’ve allowed wholesome grains back into your diet? I was pretty strict Paleo about a year ago and have struggled to maintain it over the past couple of months. I, too, liked my daily ‘treat’ 😉 I feel like there are so many conflicting diet/lifestyles out there – with some, if you ‘eat clean’ you still incorporate whole grains; with Paleo, you don’t.

    • Missy

      Hey Alyssa, I currently try to stick to as much of the Paleo lifestyle as possible. I usually do really good with it through the week, but the weekends tend to be a harder spot for me to adhere strictly to it. I allow myself to have some wholesome grains occasionally but usually regret it for some time after doing so. When I eat them now I get so bloated and have that full feeling for hours after, not to mention feeling sluggish. The problem I face is that when I tend to add these back in, it becomes one day, then two days, three days…..and then it’s so much harder to get back away from them. I think you have to try different things and see what works best for you. If you like doing grains there are several ways to make them using coconut flour and almond flour that would go along with Paleo. 🙂

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