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It’s no secret that the MissFits and pretty much everyone that trains at GYM Laird Strength and Conditioning has a special fondness for the big guy running the show. Jim Laird really knows his stuff but he also exudes sincerity, particularly in the way that he connects with people. He really cares about us and considers us his family.

I promise this is as mushy as this post is going to get so keep reading.

Jim also has a way of communicating with us during our workouts that frankly helps us better understand what he’s trying to teach us AND keeps things light and fun. We are always laughing and I thought it could be entertaining to share some of our favorite words of encouragement and coaching cues. He’s also really good at razzing us.

Before you read the list below, it might help the entertainment factor if you remember that Jim looks just a wee bit intimidating to most people. Maybe this photo will help.




Let’s do some beach work.

How’s your butt? (said with a smirk)

Shave your legs!



Push back hard.

I love you too (usually in response to a look that communicates “are you trying to kill me?”).

I’ll take that (not a favorite in the group)

Get tight.

Legs! Legs! Legs!

Keep your back together.

You should be happy with that.

Rip it apart.

Squeeze the bar.

Are your glutes toasty? (again, with a smirk)

How’s that treatin ya? (yes, he might be laughing at you but don’t stop.)

Ribs down.

Ribs to belly button.


You’ve got this.

I’m proud of you.


Get those riblets down.


Whatever you just did, do it again.

Great work tonight ladies.

Always keeping it fun.



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3 responses to Jim-isms

  1. I wish I could work out with you ladies and be lucky enough to have someone like Jim in charge! Keep the posts coming–I read them all! You are all amazing!

  2. Suzanne

    Dawn, So glad that you enjoy the posts.

  3. Started working with him more often and have learned so much. One that was forgotten, “heels to China girl”

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