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Age: 42

Occupation: Veterinarian

Lifting Since: November 2011

Favorite Lift: Bench (we have a love/ hate relationship)

Favorite Workout Song: I don’t have one. Anything loud and hard will do… (think old-school Metallica, AC/DC, Korn… you get the pic)

Favorite Motivational Quote: I hate them! That sappy crap makes me want to yak. I mean really… motivate yourself.

Favorite Post-Workout Snack: Chocolate protein shake concoction.

How I got Into Lifting: So, this is kind of a long story. My weight has always been a battle, and I was not into sports when I was younger (I was more the drinking in the bathroom kinda party girl in high school…you know the type). I tend to be drawn towards more aggressive activities. I did a few seasons of roller derby and enjoyed the hell out of some fencing classes, but that’s the extent of my athletic prowess. Anywho, when I decided to get serious about my weight a couple of years ago, I joined weight watchers and started going to my local YMCA. I made some big mistakes that I think a lot of people do when trying to drop pounds- heavy cardio and a calorie restrictive, crappy carb loaded diet. That actually worked for a while and then I stalled, of course. I found Jim Laird and joined his gym in the fall of 2011. Lifting weights was the perfect blend of my new-found love of exercise and my long-standing aggressive streak.

Positive Effects Lifting has Had for Me: Okay, let’s talk about body composition for starters. I have seen significant changes in others and myself with heavy lifting. You know the people who run forever on the treadmill or elliptical and their body never changes? Well, that doesn’t happen at our gym. For me, the most exciting thing about lifting is that it’s fun as hell and highly effective for my current fat loss and strength gaining goals. I’m learning to take better care of myself and have a more mindful approach to food. Like some of my fellow Miss Fits, it has been an adjustment to accept the “train smarter not harder” mentality. Coming from doing multiple work outs per day to just a few per week was an eye opener. Using tools like HRV has helped me realize what an impact stress can have on me physiologically and realize maybe it’s not such a great idea to beat myself up in the gym when I’m a big stress ball. Jim says we have to earn the right to train hard and that means taking care of yourself outside of the gym.

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  1. Great stuff, Doc. You inspire me! Looking forward to learning more about your journey.

    • Jen

      Aw, thanks Pennsy! That’s very sweet but you have quite the inspiring story yourself. Say hello to all my YMCA peeps…miss you guys 🙂

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