I’ve Got Issues

Lizz —  December 30, 2013 — 3 Comments

We’ve all got issues, not going to hide it, I’ve got a bunch.  For the sake of everyone, I’ll stick to some physical limitations in my life and not bore you with the woes of my dating life or how I sat on a foam roller most of my Saturday afternoon… You can read in my earlier post about how I pushed my body to the limit in high school, and sometimes in college as well here (different goals… I was an athlete in high school; in college my weight training consisted of carrying 30 packs of beer which I’ve since replaced with real weights). Though I’ve learned to train smarter, not harder, I still see the repercussions of pole vaulting and horseback riding injuries.  I’ve fallen off horses and landed on my shoulders, or just ripped on my shoulder socket each time I took a jump pole vaulting.

Rachel demonstrates passing shoulder mobility.  Her fists wrap around her thumbs and in one motion she reaches behind her back.

Rachel demonstrates passing shoulder mobility. Her fists wrap around her thumbs and in one motion she reaches behind her back.

Recently, our entire gym along with all us Miss Fits took a functional movement test to draw out our weakness or tell us where we compensate for other body parts (find the website here: http://www.functionalmovement.com/).  Big surprise, my shoulders were JACKED! Take a look to the left what passing rotator cuff mobility should look like, then below it is where I am.  Yikes. The cool thing about knowing this weakness is that I can target and improve my shoulder mobility with correctives.  You might hear “correctives” a lot from us; it’s basically a movement that improves our weaknesses.  For me, I focus mainly on my shoulders.  Baby roll has been one that I practice when I watch T.V., at the gym, to roll to my car from my apartment (kidding but seriously I do this movement all the time).  It’s been helping with my core and my shoulders (Check out the baby roll here)

I still have a ways to go...

I still have a ways to go…

I’m not claiming to be a fitness expert, I’m just a 24 year old trying to get my body right and live a healthy life.  I take these resources seriously that Jim gives us to do. They’re not exciting, but they make me sweat from the strain of correcting my jacked up body.  My best advice I can give in my amateur opinion to anyone looking to obtain a healthy body-target the problem don’t compensate for it.  Hopefully, with some baby rollin’ and other exercises, my shoulder mobility will increase in no time!



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3 responses to I’ve Got Issues

  1. OMG my mobility look like yours, but only when I’m reaching up with my right hand and down with my left. Any other tips on how to correct this?

    • Lizz

      Hi Dana! We often have one side that is much more limited than the other. I compensate with my left arm for the mess that my right shoulder is! I’ll post some videos on the Miss Fits this weekend. Quadruped Rotation is a great exercise, as is shoulder-blade retraction.

  2. Aww, thats cute how you sat on your foam roller on the Saturday haha. Thanks for the share, my shoulder is messed up too from dislocating it several times, I’ll be sure to incorporate the baby roll into my corrective routine.

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