It Can Be a Struggle

Missy —  April 18, 2013 — 1 Comment

When I first decided I wanted to venture into lifting heavy I thought “Oh yea, this is going to be awesome all the time and I’m going to hit PR’s (personal records) like crazy.” You know, the whole everything is sunshine and rainbows routine. I had watched the other girls (my fellow Miss Fits) lift for a while and they made it look exciting, and honestly even a little effortless. For the first several weeks this was the case, even for me.  The weight I was able to do was increasing every time I went in to lift, not to mention what it was doing for my confidence.

Now for a dose of reality, because what I didn’t take into consideration was the heavier the weight became the more likely I would struggle, or “hit a wall” as they say. The weights were getting heavier and the movements I thought I had conquered, I now seemed to struggle with. This caused a little bit of self defeat, and caused me to question myself. “What exactly did I think I was doing?” Especially if I couldn’t even lift this weight that was maybe just 5 or 10 pounds more than what was previously done. I took it very personal that I was having such a difficult time. I just couldn’t understand why I was having such a hard time all of the sudden. It’s funny how a few days of struggling can really mess with your head.  Even with my frustrations and struggles my trainer Jim kept repeatedly telling me it was ok and that this was completely “normal.” I just had to say…Really?!? But no matter how frustrated I got he still encouraged me to keep going, and so this is what I did.

It’s almost like a roller coaster. You go up, up, up…hit a high, and then proceed to fall back down little by little (or at least this is the way it happened for me) and just went you think you’re at the bottom, it all seems to click and then…you guessed it…right back up you go. This is pretty much how it goes for me with deadlifts. Sometimes it just clicks and then other days, not so much. But when it clicks it feels absolutely incredible!

When I originally started to write this, I was going to call it the “Lifting Days of Good and Bad,” but looking back on the lifting struggles I’ve had and what I have accomplished, I just can’t call it “bad.” Because of the days that I struggled through I was able to learn something very valuable, and it got me to the very spot I am now. For that I am very thankful and maybe just a little proud of all I have gained.






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One response to It Can Be a Struggle

  1. Missy, my dear, have you been spying on me at the gym! I have been feeling just as you described for a few weeks now and beating myself up for not hitting my PR’s. I never thought about training from a roller coaster perspective, even the most thrilling of roller coasters have to break, dip and turn a bit, and all those little shifts makes the ride just that more enjoyable. Thanks for the wake up call. Time to get back in line, as the ride is a blast.

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