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Lizz —  April 10, 2014 — Leave a comment

I just wanted to piggy back off of Tuesday’s post and the awesome response we received from it.  I know a lot of us struggle.  We’re in this together so here are a few words from our own struggles and how to overcome them.


Emily: Never been a fan of my legs…but now I try to say to myself, “hey but those legs can dead-lift over 300 lbs!”

Jen: I’m with everybody else on the weight issue… the scale can suck it. I think the biggest effect is overall confidence. I’m not nearly as self conscious about how I look in, and more importantly, out of my clothes. I recognize my problem areas, but there has been a shift in the way I focus more on what I am capable of doing instead of fixating on my flaws.

Missy: Definitely the scale (unless it’s close to a meet). I used to put a lot of focus on the number and not how I felt or looked. I let it dictate how I felt. Not anymore!

Anne: The weight on the scale means a lot less to me now. I used to be obsessed with achieving a certain number thinking that would make me happy. Now I rarely weigh myself and when I do I know that number can be affected by so many factors and doesn’t reflect my level of fitness or overall health. Also, I’ve learned to appreciate the fact that everyone’s body is different and capable in different ways. Comparing yourself to someone else and wanting what they have is pointless.

Kim: I rarely ever weigh myself anymore.




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