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Suzanne —  February 16, 2015 — 2 Comments

When I was a runner I was obsessed. I loved it and nothing could stop me. Not rain, sleet, or snow. Not the blazing sun and humidity. Not even a busy schedule. When I was at my “peak” I worked at the local university and I most often ran during my lunch hour. This happened nearly EVERYDAY! My esteemed colleagues were accustomed to me rushing back for afternoon meetings with a red face, still sweating despite a quick shower, and my lunch in tow.

Nashville Marathon

Nashville Marathon

When I think back, I chuckle a bit. I’m sure people thought I was nuts. I was. Or maybe, more accurately, I still am. Just not about running.

Call me an exercise junkie. It’s true. I LOVE the high, the rush of adrenaline, the feeling that I CAN do anything… and I’m hooked. Only this time I’m hooked on strength training.

Yes! It really is THAT Awesome!

If you love to train, you get me. And we should be friends because apparently there are people out there who don’t find training quite so interesting, or dare I say, exciting. They don’t experience feelings of anticipation for the next workout. They don’t think fitness memes are hilarious. They have never turned down an invitation because “I need to go to the gym.” And, they certainly wouldn’t post training photos and videos on social media, ESPECIALLY if they were wearing a singlet!


So many hilarious memes to choose from.


I couldn’t just choose one.


Or two. And besides….you know.

I do all of those things, and if you follow me on social media you know I love to share photos and videos. Maybe you are thinking “get it girl” or maybe you find my fitness obsession incredibly annoying (GASP!) and you are on the verge of blocking me (SAY WHAT?!) except that I do occasionally post really cute photos of my kids. Anyway, my kids agree with those of you who find me annoying. “Weird” is how my son usually describes me.

(Side note: I absolutely LOVE when Spencer is mortified by something I said and he looks at me with his big beautiful eyes about to pop out of his head and he says “STOP TALKING!” Being a mom can be so much fun but I digress….)

So, Isabella has offered to help me with my social media image and points out that she follows her friend Katie’s mom on twitter because “she’s funny.” She also informed me that our hedgehog, Herbert, gets more likes than I do. First, it’s true that Herbert has his own Instagram account. And I admit that little tidbit gave me pause…and I promptly checked. She’s right. It seems that my hedgehog is more interesting. What should I do? Should I be more witty like that other mom? It’s intriguing that a hedgehog has a loyal following on Instagram, but does that mean I should emulate him too?

As you can see, Herbert appreciates a good exercise post.

Clearly, I jest. But in all seriousness, I declined my darling daughter’s suggestion to makeover my social media presence. I agree that Katie’s mom is craftier, and that Herbert is a prickly yet still adorable hedgehog that people find interesting, but that’s okay. You don’t have to choose; you can like it all, including my overly indulgent training posts. I’m having fun and I can’t help but to share it with all my friends. And, besides, if you are having a lackluster day and you need a little push to get in the gym, you know exactly where you can look for some inspiration.

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2 responses to I’m Hooked

  1. Great post…
    I’m kind of nuts myself .. and thanks god for that. 🙂 I totally enjoy being a bit (?) Different . I discovered lifting 2 years ago.
    i train in the mornings, get up at 4:30am when all “normal” ppl still asleep and i love it.
    Keep writing. U all are a great inspiration 🙂

  2. hey girl–yea sometimes you can be annoying /addicted to this lifting stuff, but to be honest I am jealous of that body girl and I can’t imagine that there is not a lot of girls/ladies out there that wouldn’t like a fit body too. So, keep on motivating, motivating and keep up the great work!! Love ya,

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