I Don’t Do Mornings, Or Do I?

Missy —  February 5, 2014 — 1 Comment

Remember those Garfield mugs that said “I don’t do mornings?” That could easily be my mantra. I’m by nature a happy-go-lucky individual, but this does not apply to the several hours that follow me getting up in the morning. Ask anyone who has to be around me that early and they’ll be sure to tell you.They are lucky if they get more than a muffled grumble or a raised  eyebrow. Those girls that set their alarms to get up at the crack of dawn to get in a work out before they get their day started have always amazed me, much because I have never been able to (nor do I want to) do that.

This is where things have become tricky for me lately. My work schedule has been a bit bonkers causing me to miss a few of my regular work outs (which are typically at night). One of the ways to make these up was to head in bright and early Saturday morning. Now you see where I am headed with this. And although I say early, I mean around 8 or 9 in the morning. One of the things I have always noticed is that I always struggle in the mornings. It’s like even though I’m up and moving, the rest of my muscles are still very much asleep.

So since I know this is an issue for me, I decided to try to fix it. Especially since our meets start around 10 AM. How do I propose to do this you ask? The first thing is to change my mind-set. I have to focus on not telling myself how much I suck when I lift in the mornings. Secondly, I have never been able to decide what to eat or drink that early in the morning, or if I should do either at all.

I set this minute little plan into motion over the course of several am workouts. For each morning I did something different just to see how I felt, hoping that I could find the magic combo that would work for me. Here are a few of the ideas that I tried: just simply rolling out of bed and heading to the gym, bulletproof coffee, a protein drink with an added pre work out, and some boiled eggs with some coffee. For me, eating within an hour of working out was definitely a recipe for seeing my breakfast again. The thing that I found was most successful was the bulletproof coffee and a positive mental attitude that I was gonna make some metal my BI*$&!! I may not always be a fan of morning work outs, but I have finally figured out how to make it successful.



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One response to I Don’t Do Mornings, Or Do I?

  1. Congrats on owning your AM workout! Like you, I’m not a morning person and I’m still struggling on getting up early and doing my workout. My cozy warm bed wins me over every time.

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