Group Post Three: “C” is for Cookie

Suzanne —  May 13, 2013 — 14 Comments

Some of us slept like rocks. Some of us hardly slept at all. We were all up early. We had to meet at 7 a.m. to carpool to the competition. None of us ate breakfast: the first mistake of the day.

It was an hour drive. We got detoured by an accident, and it put us behind schedule and added to the tension in the car. The rookie, Missy, looked to the veterans for advice and comfort. The veterans were hoping for new personal bests. All the chatter just increased expectations.

If our anxiety level wasn’t high enough, we had to weigh in upon arrival. Modesty isn’t part of these meets. The singlet teaches you that. The weigh-in is to assign you to your group and is necessary to determine your overall result. You are judged not just on how much you lift, but also on how much you lift relative to your weight (body coefficient). The formula and weight classes make it hard for you to know your position in the standings during the meet. In many ways, that is a blessing because all you can do is focus on what you can control—the weight. If you don’t control the weight, nothing else matters.

Technique and timing are important too. The squats come first. It is the most intimidating of the three powerlifts because there is a lot of weight on your back. You go down and really want to get back up. Lizz did awesome and squatted a personal best, but she racked the weight before being told to do so. Her nerves and adrenaline got the best of her. Elation turned to disappointment. It was a disqualification. We were all heart-broken.

In general, the squat was cruel to the veterans: while several of us had personal bests, we too often fell short of expectations. While the men were squatting, we had time to foam roll, eat, and warm up for the next lift. But most of all we needed to shake off our disappointment quick: two-thirds of the competition remained. Jim recognized this and explained that he took more risks with us in the second meet. Risk sometimes means failure, and it was time for us veteran competitors to toughen up mentally.

The bench press really tests your head. Women struggle to improve their upper-body strength. Even with a lot of effort and training, progress is measured by just a few pounds. The meet was no different: Anne got stuck on her third attempt while trying for a personal best, and the spotters just took the bar from her as she tried to grind it out. Pretty much all our PR efforts went that way. Our frustration spilled onto Facebook.

Jim knew we were in a funk and that he had to pump us up for the last event: the deadlift. He reminded us that we own the deadlift. It is our best event. If we were going to make a statement at the meet, this was the time to do it. So, in a spontaneous moment of madness, Jim broke into his best Cookie Monster voice and gave us a stirring version of “C is for Cookie”! It was priceless, and it did the trick to remind us to have some fun. Everybody did awesome! So awesome that we all got fourth attempts—attempts reserved for state records. Suzanne went last and killed it with a 364-pound lift. The Miss Fits had won the meet and Suzanne was named best female lifter.

Nerves and adrenaline made for a quiet ride home. It had been a stressful day filled with both disappointments and victories, but by dinner we were already talking about training for the October meet. “C,” it turned out, wasn’t just for cookie; it was for celebration, coach, competition, commitment, and cupcakes! Thanks, Cookie Monster. The Miss Fits crushed it!










231 (PR)

209 (PR)

231 (PR)

187 (PR)

143 (PR)

198.5 (PR)



99 (PR)



83 (PR)

88 (PR)


364 (PR)

269.5 (PR)

303 (PR)

286 (PR)

159.5 (PR)

272 (PR)











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14 responses to Group Post Three: “C” is for Cookie

  1. Great Job MIss Fits,, way to Rock those Socks . You Ladies are inspiring !

  2. Wow, way to go!

  3. Awesomesauce! So proud of you all. Thanks for sharing your experiences – anticipation, disappointment, triumph, the works!

  4. Reading your post and it was like being in your shoes for a minute, although i have so much work to do to get close to your level… Thanks for sharing, well done! And enjoy your way to the next meet…. 🙂

  5. So So inspiring!!!

  6. Lizz

    Thanks everyone for all the support, there were a lot of nerves this weekend going into the meet but we’ve all come out of it a little stronger mentally and physically!

  7. Miss Fits continue to Rock the platform. Another great job and you girls do it with class. The NASA KY meets continue to get better and better and you have much to do with that. You and Coach Laird have a great thing going and we at TeamSupremacy are glad to see that. Not only is it motivation for our females but you set the bar high. Hope to see you at the NASA Unequipped Nationals in October at Springfield, OH !!! #StayStrong

    • Emily

      TeamSupremacy- Thank you so much for your support and encouraging words. We would love to see more females at the meets! Looking forward to October!

  8. would it be possible to see what age/weight groups you each competed in? there are 3 of us training for our first powerlifting competition in may and it would be helpful to see where we’re at compared to your numbers. thanks so much! : )
    kerry (salem, or)

    • Suzanne

      I am a 42 year old mother of two. My weight for the last 3 meets has been 141-142 (148 weight class). My PRs are: Squat 253, Bench 121 and Deadlift 369. I will let the other girls share their own stats. ~Suzanne

    • Emily

      Hey Kerry!
      I’m 30 years old, 5’8″and my everyday weight is usually around 135-137lbs. I have competed in both the 132 and 148 class.
      PRs: Bench 99. Squat 204. Dead lift 303.
      Good luck!! Let us know how you guys do.

    • Missy

      Hey Kerry, for both meets I competed in the 123lb weight class. Every day weight around 120-123. My PR’s are 156 squat, 88 bench, and 200 deadlift. Best wishes to you and your group competing!! Let us know how you did.

      ~Missy 🙂

  9. Jen

    Hi Kerry,
    I’m also 42 years old. My weight for the last three meets was 183, 175, 166 (192 then 181 weight classes) My PRs are: Squat 220, Bench 105, Deadlift 314 ~Jen

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