Fun Time

Jen —  July 29, 2014 — 5 Comments

It’s no secret I love beer; it’s my summertime fun time beverage of choice. Once the temperature rises and outdoor activities start, nothing goes better with sweating than a frosty, cold, delicious beverage. Mmm..nectar of the gods, but not so friendly for my nutrition plan. Sure the winter holidays are hard, but every beautiful weekend during the summer seems to have some sort of temptation to try and steer me away from diet perfection. What’s a beer-loving girl to do? Well, buck up fellow beer lovers out there, it seems that all is not lost if you choose to throw back a couple frosty beverages on the weekend too. There was an interesting article over at T-Nation exploring this very issue of alcohol’s impact on performance and fat loss goals. Here are some of the take home points:

  • When including alcohol at meals, avoid carbs and fat; stick to protein and veggies.
  • When choosing your alcohol, go with beer or white wine.
  • Avoid mixed drinks
  • Alcohol intake under 0.5g/kg may be the threshold to keep you safe from any negative effects
  • Alcohol after cardio may not be a great idea
  • Alcohol after weight training may be the best time to drink, but keep intake under 1g/kg

Ultimately, it seems everything in moderation is the way to go. Sometimes this happens, and sometimes not. I try not to dwell on food and drinking choices, but move on and get back on track as soon as possible if I happen to over-indulge. Negative thoughts and beating myself up have been counter-productive and get me in a weird head space. I try to plan my splurges and have them coincide with my carb nite, but that doesn’t always work. If it doesn’t, I make the choice and stand by it. Sometimes I need to cut loose and let my hair down. Life is too short not too. Cheers! 2014-07-28 14.11.36

5 responses to Fun Time

  1. Are you doing carb nite? I am exploring it and very curious how your doing with the plan

    • Jen

      Hi Penie, I do a modified version of carb nite most of the time and carb backloading during meet training. I really like it! I have found I can’t completely go off the deep end on my cheat night and expect good results. When I backload it’s with clean carbs primarily and not the fun ones. Evidently there is a new version of the program to be released at some point which addresses a lot of the issues women have. I’m anxious to see it!

  2. Happy to hear white wine is a “preferred” beverage!! I agree…life is too short!!! :))))

  3. As I sit here at ethereal brewing, drinking a frosty beverage, listening to the stream, smelling the malt I have to agree. Cheers!

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