Finding the Right Sports Bra

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I’ve blogged a little bit about workout gear before (read Gear Guide), but today we’re going to focus on “the girls.”

We recently received a question about picking the right sports bra, and it’s really all about personal preference. However, in my opinion, finding one that’s supportive and comfortable is crucial. You won’t give it your all in the gym if your boobs are bouncing around. Personally, I just like something that offers support and comfort while being cheap. I also prefer lightly padded bras to keep it from getting a little “nippy,” if you know what I mean. And since I like keeping the straps under wraps, I wear a racerback or a bra with standard straps depending on the shirt I have on.

To give you a more well-rounded response, I asked my fellow Miss Fits to chip in with their preferences about sports bras.

Missy: Considering I’m smaller-busted, I like a sports bra that has some padding to give me lift and doesn’t flatten me like a pancake. There is something to be said for a sports bra that can be comfy and add a little oomph! I also appreciate the ones that are totally one piece and don’t have a separate band that goes under the girls. I can’t stand anything tight that doesn’t move when I do. I got one for Christmas that’s from Victoria’s Secret that I like a lot.

Jen: I like some padding. I don’t care if it’s the removable kind, as long as it has something to prevent nipple action, which I can’t stand.
I prefer simple either pull-over-the-head ones or front closures. I can’t handle any that have hook and eyes of any type; they always drive me crazy because I think they’re a pain to fasten.
I like cheap. I’m not spending more than $25 on a sports bra. I actually get a lot of them at Walmart and have liked some Danskin styles, particularly the front closure ones. My current favorite is a Champion bra that I ordered from Amazon.
I prefer racerbacks, since they tend to go well under most of my tank tops. I’m not a fan of having straps showing if it can be helped.
Since we’re not running or doing any jumping, they don’t have to be super compressive.
I hate the “uni-boob” look, so I tend to get bras that allow for some individual boobage. That’s probably why the Walmart front-closure bra is also among my favorites.

Emily: My favorites are made by New Balance. They are made from good moisture-wicking material. I like traditional racerbacks with thick straps and removable, lightly padded cups. The cups are great for preventing nipple “exposure.” I also like that these bras go in the washer/dryer on normal cycles and keep their shape.
I avoid bras without padding and that have the adjustable straps. The adjustable plastic pieces really hurt if they get pinned against you when you have a bar on your back.

Suzanne: I’m not particular about sports bras. I usually just buy what I can find at T.J.Maxx or Marshalls. I do like the racerback style best. I just paid $50 each for two bras because I need lots of support after my breast implant surgery. They zip up in the front, which is key right now because I can’t raise my arms over my head. Anyway, they seem like they would be good for anyone with bigger girls that need lots of support, whether it’s right after surgery or for a good, hard workout. Brand: UA hi-impact support “made for me.” I got them at Dicks.

Lizz: I just like something that gives me a lot of support. I don’t really care about padding or anything like that.

Anne: I haven’t even bought new sports bras since being pregnant, and my boobs have tripled in size. I’ve just been cramming them into my cheap T.J.Maxx/Marshalls bras! I also prefer racerbacks and thinner straps with a really thin pad; just enough to block the THO. I will eventually buy a couple of nice supportive sports bras once I start breastfeeding and know what size my boobs will be for a while.

We hope this helps our fellow lady lifters! If you have any questions for The Miss Fits, email us at Thanks for reading!




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  1. I’d recommend Enell sports bras for those C+ who want compression and zero bounce, or also for those needing a band above a size 42 (where most sports bras stop). Keeps everything locked and loaded, and they close in the front. They’re a little intimidating-looking, but are amazing. I’m biased because I work with them, but I was a long time customer before that!

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