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One of the things I looked forward to the most after having my daughter was getting back into the gym. As I have already written about before, getting back was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. Finding the time to workout for at least 2 hours a week seemed simple, but it has been far from that. How can it be so hard to find 2 hours a week to do something for myself? Well, I’m sure all moms can relate, but it just is. Now that I’m back to work full-time finding that time is even more difficult because I don’t like to give up my evenings at home, which is usually when training takes place. I was determined to come back after baby and train for our meet in May. Unfortunately, my training was very inconsistent and in the end I had to miss the meet anyways; not for lack of training but because of a work conflict. I hated to miss it. Even though I wasn’t going to go put up big numbers and break some PR’s, I just wanted to be there to participate and cheer on my group of friends. Missing out on so much time in the gym and especially missing this meet has left me feeling less a part of the group and more of an outsider. This is in no way a result of lack of support from my fellow Miss Fits; they have been encouraging me the entire way. It’s purely the result of missing out on so much time with them. This is all just one of the many ways that becoming a mom has changed my life and my priorities.

Less time in the gym has also resulted in less time (and honestly, less desire) to commit to the Miss Fits blog. When I’m not actually in the gym and participating in workouts with the group it leaves me lacking in topics and in the passion to write about training. And let’s be honest, I can only write about being pregnant and working out and being a new mom and finding the time to workout so much before it gets super old….time to stop beating a dead horse. I have reluctantly come to the decision to put my membership at J&M on hold and give up my spot as a Miss Fit. I hope that my circumstances allow me to go back to J&M in the near future and rejoin this awesome group of ladies. For now though, I will have to live vicariously through them and get my lifting “fixes” by keeping up with their training and cheering them on from the sidelines.

I’m sad to go, but it’s not forever.

Thanks for reading,


For now I will be enjoying every second with this rapidly growing and ever changing cute face.  She's worth the sacrifices.

For now I will be enjoying every second with this rapidly growing and ever changing cute face. She’s worth the sacrifices.


I adore this group of people. Hopefully I will be back in the gym with them in the future.

Hey, everyone!

I wanted to add that I (Kim) am also sadly saying goodbye as a Miss Fit. Have no fear, mamas! It’s not just because I’m a working mom. I have taken on another major commitment that requires much of my free time. And, like Anne, any extra time I do have left, I want to spend it with my amazing daughter and husband. I would hate to fall behind as a Miss Fit, so it’s fairer to you and the rest of the ladies if I relinquish my post.

I continue to stand behind The Miss Fits and all of the positive messages they have to share. To all the mamas: You can get to the gym and look and feel great! It just depends on your priorities. As Anne mentioned, spending time with the little one is at the top for now! I plan to continue working out at J&M for the foreseeable future, but with work, the baby and other big responsibilities, I need to admit that I don’t have any spare time to give to the wonderful group of women I’ve been honored to be a part of; they deserve full commitment. So, with sadness in my heart, I bid you adieu, but I’m still here cheering you all on. Good luck with your weightlifting adventures!


Since we're sharing, here's my little one. How could you not want to spend as much time as possible with this cutie?

Since we’re sharing, here’s my little one. How could you not want to spend as much time as possible with this cutie?



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5 responses to Farewell

  1. Renae

    This makes me sad…even though I didn’t know either of you very well, all of you have provided so much encouragement and inspiration for me! I am so proud to have been able to train with you both and wish you nothing but good things in the future. Hopefully you will be back as Missfits SOON 🙂

  2. Kerry Stevenson May 29, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    I will miss your posts but I applaud your decision. I remember when I became a mom and trying to juggle everything. My babies are now 13/11. In the last year I have been able to give to me and head to the gym. However, it is during the day. The evenings are spent driving to activities, homework and “just being” together. I have felt a bit guilty taking time for me during the day. However, life has “seasons” so enjoy your season with your babies. It goes way, way to fast.

  3. This is a big decision and very unselfish. I struggle to get my workouts in and my kids are 3, 6 and 8. I refuse to workout in the evening while school is in session. They deserve me and all of me when they get home from school. I have friends who don’t get that and take their kids right to childcare after school so they can workout and then I have friends that don’t get why I carve time out for the gym at all. Everyone is different and each of us has to adapt to our current situation and roll with it. Those first babies are life changing. Love on them and get back to it when it feels right!

    • Anne

      Thanks, Kelli. It is nice to hear from other Moms and know that my situation is not unique. You really don’t know how much your life and priorities will change until those little ones are actually here!

  4. Anne, Kim,
    Enjoy every minute you have with your little sweet ones ! It is a magical time that worth it all….
    Come back to training when you are ready.
    I did so myself .. 🙂
    Good luck in everything ! I’ll keep on follow the Miss fit from Israel 🙂

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