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Jen —  December 6, 2013 — 2 Comments

The Miss Fits have a standard warm up routine, which includes foam rolling, and dynamic floor work, which you can see here. Our extended warm up always includes kettle bell carries, inverted rows and glute-ham raises. We typically run through 8-12 reps for two sets before every workout. Depending on the lift we are training that day, we may add other warm up items such as arm bars on bench day, for example.


Our typical weights for the carry are usually in the 50-70# range. We usually walk the length of turf (about 20yds.), switch hands and return. The goal is to square your shoulders, retract the scapula, engage your core and control your feet. The weighted arm should not be braced against your side, and the bell should be allowed to move freely next to your leg. This exercise can be progressed by adding more weight. If you find yourself leaning to the weighted side or unable to keep your shoulders square and scapula retracted, decrease the weight until you can maintain proper form.

Inverted Row

We use rings for our rows, but if these aren’t available, bands could be used instead. The important aspects of the row are to keep your ribs down, head neutral and focus on scapular gliding. The elbows shouldn’t go past your sides. This exercise can be progressed by decreasing your angle to the floor. Meaning, the closer to flat you are, the more body weight you are lifting, the harder the exercise. We recently stepped this up a notch by elevating our heels on a bench; and trust me, it was tough. 

Glute-Ham Raise

This exercise seems to have a slight learning curve to figure out how to perform correctly. It is not a back extension. The focus should be on keeping a long spine with no flexion, and a tight core. The glutes and hamstrings are activated to raise your body from parallel to vertical. The exercise can be progressed by adding weight (holding a plate to your chest) or slowing your tempo on the upswing. If your gym does not have a glute-ham machine, glute bridges, hip thrusts or romanian deadlifts would be an appropriate substitution.

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  1. I just watched that dynamic floor exercise video you linked to, and those scapula movements are amazing. I’m always looking for ways to strengthen and stretch that area, and I think these are the best exercises I’ve found so far. Thanks!

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