Don’t Waver

Emily —  January 14, 2015 — 2 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I caught myself thumbing through a trashy magazine (I can’t even tell you the name…it’s that embarrassing), when I came across the themed article of the month in which several different beautiful and very fit-appearing female celebrities were interviewed about their diet and exercise habits. Obviously with this being the time of year for resolutions, my naive self was assuming the magazine’s intention for the interviews was to educate and motivate.

But all I felt after reading through all of the information was confused and skeptical. Every woman was doing something totally different. For a moment, I gave in. I felt just a tiny bit persuaded to change some of what I’m doing to embody more of what these women and their high-dollar celebrity trainers have developed as THE plan to make all the magic happen.

Just a few short seconds following my crazy thought, I threw that piece of sh*t magazine in the trash and shook my head and thought to myself, “they almost got me.” One silly article with flashy photos and well-worded quotes almost got me to question if what I’ve been doing is right. I was questioning the training and diet that has helped me make giant strides in my overall physical and mental health and well-being because of one silly, (and likely fabricated and heavily photoshopped) article. Ugh.


Those clever sneaky writers, marketers and advertisers were counting on that. They’re paid to try to get me to question what I’m doing so that I may be more inclined to purchase the products that they’re advertising. Which we all know, of course, but I still got sucked in, albeit momentarily.

And also, just possibly, because no matter how hard I try or much I do, every once in a while I just feel that it’s not enough. So I’m writing the following little mantra as a reminder for myself, but maybe it will resonate with some of you as well.

It’s enough…what you’re doing, it’s enough. Your plan is right for you. You’re happy, healthy and love what you do. Keep it up, don’t waver. You’re awesome.



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2 responses to Don’t Waver

  1. Yes! Great words of advice. Perfect for a day when I’m taking care of a sick kid home from school and have a bad headache myself and trying to prevent getting sick when both of my kids have been sick all week. All day I’ve been tempted to get a quick workout in the garage (home gym with a squat rack, mats, etc). Then I tell myself, “no, you’ve doing right to rest your body and mind, you’ve worked out the past 2 days. Just rest! You’ll feel better and stronger tomorrow if you just rest.” It’s so hard and I have to force myself sometimes! Just yesterday my husband and I were talking about not wanting to be slaves to working out to the point that it causes exhaustion, injury, delayed recovery, etc. Your words made me feel much better about my own decisions and confirms that it’s wise to continue on our own diet and fitness path no matter what skeleton is in the magazine. He or she probably can’t lift Jack diddly because they’re so weak!
    Thanks again! I love y’all Missfits!

    • Emily

      Stephanie, you’re so welcome. I’m glad my words resonated with you and you’re definitely on the right track! Keep it up girl!

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