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Our love for powerlifting is real.  Our drive to compete is real. Our compassion and unending support for our teammates and all female lifters is definitely real. But there’s a driving force for all of it that didn’t originally come from within, it came from someone who led by example. Our group and gym community share one common factor that makes everything we do possible and it is absolutely the main reason we do it so well. It’s Jim Laird…THE coach that makes it all happen.

I can safely say (and I’m sure some of the other gals would agree) that the likelihood of me becoming a successful competitive powerlifter without Jim as a coach is slim to none. It goes without saying, but he is one of the best at what he does. He knows how to get people moving properly and can advance their training to meet their goals while keeping it fun and more importantly keeping them injury-free. Through his talented coaching, he has made us fall in love with a sport that we can now not live without.  But it’s way more than that and it’s even a little difficult to explain. I can’t separate my thoughts on training from Jim. He IS the training. I would have no idea how to do any of this without him.

He is unwavering in his support, positive reinforcement and overall uplifting attitude towards everyone at the gym. He is constantly telling us how proud he is of us and how great we’re doing in our training. He asks about our lives and how we’re doing and he truly cares about the response. He even knows when to bust out his silly Arnold or Cookie Monster impersonations to keep the mood light when we’re feeling discouraged or overwhelmed. Not to mention he keeps his patience while training groups of tough and strong-willed women, day in and day out.


We have the best coach and he clearly loves us too

We have the best coach and he clearly loves us too

He’s more than a coach. He is a friend, a confidant, a motivator and an inspiration. We will be forever grateful for what he does for us.

Jim, we love you. Cheers.





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