Change Up – Three Challenges of a New Environment

Lizz —  July 14, 2015 — Leave a comment

It’s been over a month since I’ve trained at Gym Laird with my girls.

The hiking opportunities are endless!

The hiking opportunities are endless!

I was worried about three things mainly being away from my support system: motivation, a workout plan and nutrition.


  • Motivation: Training with the rest of the Miss Fits is a huge motivator for me.  Community has been one of the biggest keys for getting my butt to the gym multiple times a week.  We talk about life, food, work and all motivate each other when it get’s tough with the weight.  In Hawai’i, I don’t really have that when I walk into the gym.  I’m surrounded by people doing their own thing, headphones in and eyes down.  It’s challenging honestly.  There are a lot of days where I just have to do it.  Sometimes the idea of a good meal motivates me to get moving, other times it’s just trying to form a habit.  Regardless, I feel for those of you who haven’t developed a gym community yet.  It’s hard to get there, it’s hard to work hard and it’s hard to form that consistency when you don’t have the accountability.
  • The Plan:I was talking to Jim before I left about this a lot.  Under his guidance, I continue to lift according to what I’ve done in the past.  This is what I was nervous about…”What do I do when I get to the gym…. since I don’t have Jim here…”. Well, I do what Jim would do.  I incorporate squats, upper back and deadlifts into my strength training weekly.  For conditioning work, there’s a sled I can pack the plates onto and drag, there are med balls for me to slam, weights for me to lift quickly, and a walking track that I walk on for an hour three times a week.  Plus the mountains to hike and the ocean to play in.  I thought this would be challenging, and it is.  But my fear that my muscle would be replaced by pounds and pounds of fat in the first two months in Hawaii is now (thankfully) seeming a little ridiculous…
  • Nutrition: My husband is blessed with a great metabolism.  So was I…until I turned 20 (any other women feel me on this?!).  He eats to live, sometimes I feel as though I live to eat.  So I knew marriage would be hard, when he eats something that I know is counterproductive to my goals, I’m tempted to just give in every time.  I’ve started to find a balance through being the cook in the house.  Trying to form good habits for our family now before kids, will help maintain these habits when the little ones someday are formed and arrived.  Hawaii has great food, they have great sweets too.  I’m just trying to continue what worked in Kentucky: I can’t out train a bad diet.

This part of my fitness journey is different from before.  I hope to compete in some powerlifting meets in the near future and grow in strength still.  However, I know that it will look different than when I was a five minute drive from the gym and other Miss Fits ladies.  They’re still my motivation, Jim is still the best and only coach there ever was, but now it’s learning to achieve goals a little differently.




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